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Why We Love YSI Products for your Water Monitoring Needs


Why We Love YSI Products for your Water Monitoring Needs

Why We Love YSI Products for your Water Monitoring Needs

February 02, 2021

Environmental Water Monitoring – What is water monitoring, and why is it important?

Water monitoring is the regular observation and tracking of water quality. With governments, communities, and businesses required to meet water quality standards, both regulatory and as part of a social licence to operate, it is a crucial part of determining ecosystem and water body health. Water monitoring also is essential in recognising any trending issues that could emerge in the future.

Government and businesses both track water quality to ensure that any current or planned work does not have any negative impact on the surrounding environment. Above ground activities can have a huge impact on both surface water and groundwater systems. In order to protect the environment and create infrastructure in a sustainable way, data must be gathered, monitored and analysed on a regular basis. 

With the information gathered from the water monitoring programs, the data is used to determine whether or not environmental regulations are being complied with. As such, it is essential to use water monitoring equipment which is accurate, reliable and consistent. 

That is why ECO are proud to represent YSI here in Australia. YSI have been leaders in the field of water instrumentation for decades. The YSI Water Quality meters are best in class, and form the foundation of our rental water quality monitoring fleet.

ECO Environmental and YSI Products

YSI Professional Plus


YSI products pro plus

The YSI Professional Plus (Pro Plus) handheld multiparameter meter provides extreme flexibility for the measurement of a variety of water quality parameters. The Quatro cable attached to the Pro Plus allows you to utilize 4-ports for the interchangeable sensors to measure multiple parameters at the same time. The instrument has datalogging capability and has a 5,000 data-set memory.

The YSI Professional Plus water quality meter has military-spec connectors, a rubber over-molded case and extremely durable cables. This water quality meter really is suited to the most harsh of conditions. 


pH, ORP, EC, DO, Turbidity

Two men using monitoring equipment

The YSI ProDSS has been designed for use in groundwater monitoring, surface water, coastal/estuarine, and aquaculture quality monitoring. It has digital titanium sensors which are field replaceable and can be calibrated external to the handheld unit, vastly improving the flexibility of the meter. The Pro DSS also includes 2 optical sensors usually DO and Turbidity. Having an optical DO sensor increases the accuracy of the DO readings and demands significantly less maintenance than a traditional sensor. The meter has advanced data logging functionality and can store in excess of 100,000 measurement points. 

The ProDSS is a true field instrument. The titanium smart sensors can easily be replaced in the field. The durable Military Spec cable connector and rugged and waterproof rubber over-molded instrument casing provides protection from the demands of the most extreme field sampling.

EXO1 Multiparameter Sonde

pH, ORP, EC, DO, Turbidity, fDOM, ISEs, Total Algae

EX01 Sonde

EXO is an advanced water quality monitoring multiparameter sonde, for water profiling and long term in situ monitoring. The unit only requires low power consumption, which allows it to be powered by solar solutions and enables extended underwater deployments.

The EXO provides comprehensive water quality data whilst also maintaining correct calibrations and excellent sensor performance. It is very versatile and can be automatically configured with a different sensor for different applications within minutes.

The sonde can be connected to a telemetry system allowing data to be monitored in real-time from any web-browser.

Why Rent YSI Water Monitoring Equipment From ECO Environmental?

ECO stocks the best environmental monitoring equipment available, so that you can hire the newest technologies and have access to the most updated equipment. When you hire from ECO, you are hiring premium equipment, supporting your program in achieving excellent monitoring outcomes.

Renting your environmental equipment with ECO Environmental means:

  • No large cash purchases. Rather expending valuable capital on purchasing equipment outright, by hiring equipment you keep funds free for other business critical activities. Hiring charges are also completely tax deductible.
  • Ready to use equipment. Every time you need to hire from ECO, the equipment will arrive on time, cleaned, calibrated, and ready to use. With all maintenance taken care of for you, you save time and money. 
  • Smart equipment usage. When you buy equipment outright, it will spend time sitting unused in between jobs. When you hire through ECO, you only pay for the equipment when it is being used. The hiring time and related cost can be allocated directly to the specific job, allowing for easier account costing creation.
  • Outstanding customer service. At ECO we live by the “ECO for Life” ethos and pride ourselves on our customer service and support, and are always willing and ready to provide you with the support and service you need.

Let ECO assist you with your water monitoring equipment needs. Explore our water monitoring and YSI range here, or contact us today on  (08) 9328 2900.