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What's available on the ECO Rental Fleet?

See our Equipment List.

If you wish to hire equipment using a credit card, please complete our Short Term Hire Agreement Form (235KB) and then contact ECO to make a booking.

In addition to an extensive sales range, ECO also have a large range of equipment for hire. All our equipment comes cleaned and calibrated and ready for use.

Why rent?


Consider the following:

  • 1 ECO stock the best equipment available as rental items. As new technologies become available and new solutions to environmental monitoring problems are discovered, we will upgrade our rental equipment selection. This ensures you have access to top of the range equipment giving you the most accurate data possible.
  • 2 No large cash outlay. Why pay a small fortune for the latest piece of technology when you can hire it from ECO at a fraction of the cost? Saving on capital expenditure helps small and large businesses alike by freeing up cash flow for other activities. Hiring equipment is also completely tax deductible.
  • 3 Pay for the time you use. When you purchase equipment, it will often sit unused between jobs. Hiring equipment allows you to only pay for the time you use. This allows for easier accounts costing as hiring receipts can be directly attributed to your specific job.
  • 4 Total cost of ownership. Owning a piece of equipment can often be more expensive then hiring. Over the total life span of the equipment, cleaning, calibrating and maintenance expenses incur additional time and money that you could be spending on billable hours. Why purchase when ECO can provide you with quality equipment for hire that is cleaned, calibrated, ready to use – and delivered on time?

To apply for a trading account please complete and return our Credit Application Form (176KB).

Don’t see what you are after?

If you can't find the piece of rental equipment you need, don’t hesitate to contact us. We often get requests for additional equipment and if the demand is there, we’ll get it in for you.