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Environmental monitoring
& sampling equipment
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Eco Environmental

ECO is one of Australia’s largest providers of environmental monitoring equipment and supplies. ECO is proud to have been appointed Australian distributors for a range of nationally and internationally accepted brand names and products across a wide range of disciplines including surface and groundwater monitoring, dust and air monitoring and gas monitoring and detection. ECO prides itself on providing the best equipment, at the best price and with the best service available.

At ECO we have an extensive range of environmental equipment available for rental and we are constantly adding new rental equipment to our rental fleet based on input from our customers. Talk to us about your field requirements – whatever your situation, whatever the application, we are happy to work with you. We also service and repair most of the equipment that we provide.

ECO offer daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly rental rates. We offer same day delivery on all Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane metropolitan orders and an overnight service to all other Australian capital cities and regional areas depending on product size, weight and availability.


Environmental monitoring equipment rental


If you wish to hire equipment using a credit card, please complete our Short Term Hire Agreement Form (235KB).

ECO support

ECO Support

At ECO we will always provide you with the best possible support and service. Whether you purchase a piece.

Servicing environmental monitoring equipment


ECO's trained technicians have experience with a wide range of monitoring equipment. All ECO owned.

Service Documents


Short-term Hire Agreements, Terms and Conditions and Account request documents can all be found here.


Water Monitoring Equipment Perth

Water Monitoring

ECO’s range of water sampling equipment will cover all your...


Gas Monitoring Equipment


ECO has a range of portable gas detection equipment available..


Dust & Air Monitoring Equipment

Dust & Air Monitoring

ECO has significant expertise in provision of dust monitoring.


Soil Sampling Equipment Perth

Soil Sampling

ECO has a range of general purpose and speciality augers available...


Noise & Vibration Equipment

Noise & Vibration

ECO supplies a range of handheld sound level monitors for environmental and occupational...


Spill & Remedation

Spill & Remedation

A wide range of spill kits are available for marine and general purpose use...




ECO stocks and supplies a wide range of consumables including filters...


Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

ECO’s Remote Monitoring Stations have been developed over many years...


Latest News

February 02, 2021

Environmental Water Monitoring – What is water monitoring, and why is it important? Water monitoring is the regular observation and tracking of water quality. With governments, communities, and businesses required to meet water quality standards, both regulatory and as part of a social licence to operate, it is a crucial part of determining ecosystem and…

January 15, 2021

Environmental consultancy covers a broad range of disciplines to ensure that projects and operations are compliant with the Australian environmental regulations. The works the consultants undertake is crucial in protecting the environment in which we live.  As an environmental consultant, you are often required to assess sites and undertake investigations for many commercial projects or…

December 15, 2020

The Van Dorn water sampler is a unique piece of water sampling equipment that is intended for both shallow or deep water. These water samplers are often referred to as “horizontal” because of the way that they descend the water, being parallel to the bottom bed. The sampler is pulled sideways around 1m before the…