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Why Dust Monitoring Is Essential For Your Business


Why Dust Monitoring Is Essential For Your Business

Why Dust Monitoring Is Essential For Your Business

October 02, 2020

One of the most significant occupational health and safety concerns continues to be in regards to solid dust monitoring, measurements and control mechanisms throughout many businesses. Industries such as construction and mining are heavily affected by dust or air quality, and as a result, dust monitoring is often a critical part of a project. The effect of dust and other particulate matter has demonstrated negative effects on the body’s respiratory system as well as potentially aggravating asthma and other pre-existing conditions. 

This is why it’s essential to have proper dust monitoring equipment to ensure that your monitoring program is properly aligned with the environmental and health outcomes of the works. From here you will be able to measure project impacts and the effectiveness of dust suppression activities. 

ECO Environmental offers a fully developed dust monitoring system to keep track of the dust particles present on site. These dust monitoring systems can also include a weather station so that you may be able to cross-reference your dust concentration data with weather data, helping you to discover whether dust emissions off-site would have occurred. Not only will you be ensuring the safety of your employees and contractors, but you’ll also be assessing the impact of your projects on the wider community. 

Effects of Dust on Health and the Environment

According to the World Health Organisation, there are no dust levels in the air that are proven to be healthy. However,  the size of the dust particle itself will largely determine the seriousness of the health impact. Dust or smoke contains small particles known as PM10, which are smaller than 10 micrometres in aerodynamic diameter. These tiny particles can make their way into your throat and lungs, causing many people to cough, sting their eyes or lead to more serious conditions. Those that have pre-existing medical conditions, particularly in relation to respiratory or heart conditions can see symptoms worsening when exposed to PM10 particles. 

Dust can also be harmful to local wildlife and plants, with the potential of creating breathing problems for some animals and causing vegetation death. Environmental and health impacts of projects that create dust need a robust monitoring program with quality equipment to provide evidence of dust impact and to show the effectiveness of mitigation measures. 

Dust Monitoring Equipment 

Choosing the most appropriate dust monitoring equipment is an important step in your health and safety and environmental monitoring programs in the workplace. Whilst there are a number of different dust sensors, air quality meters and samplers that you can be using, we’ll be outlining a few options to consider below. 

If you are looking for civil engineering dust monitors, the DustTrak 8530 Aerosol dust monitor is perfect for accurate, real-time monitoring purposes. This light-scattering laser photometer is suitable for construction or environmental sites and is designed to measure dust, fumes, smoke and mist.

ECO Environmental provides a complete Dust Monitoring system that enables real-time monitoring accessible from a browser-based dashboard. The Dust Monitor is deployed within a robust solar-powered enclosure complete with appropriate data logger and telemetry remote data access communications.  The enclosure can also incorporate other sensors such as a weather station, noise meter or vibration monitor to allow for a greater range of data collection. 

The browser-based dashboard can be customised to meet the specific needs of the user and each project. This gives you access to real-time data and notification when alarms alert.

In instances where you are looking to measure precise amounts of air for a specific period of time, the High Volume Air Sampler is recommended. Drawing a fixed volume of air through a filter paper with a known weight, these papers are then reweighed after use in order to determine the particulate loading of the air. The filter paper itself can also be analysed for specific particulate matter (for example lead). They are a suitable choice for monitoring where you need to identify the particulate matter in the air rather than having real-time data on particulate concentrations 

Not all businesses may require a real-time dust management system, which is why the Dust Deposition Gauge is an inexpensive alternative, capable of providing accurate background dust monitoring where required. 

ECO Environmental – Dust Monitoring Equipment Hire

The environmental monitoring equipment specialists at ECO Environmental stock a wide range of dust monitoring equipment, including high volume samplers that are required where certain gravimetric analysis is being carried out. 

Much of the equipment that we stock is available for both sale and hire, so no matter the length of time you need the dust monitor for, we can help. Our team can help provide valuable eco support in setting up your air quality or dust monitoring plan. If you require dust monitoring equipment for your business, please get in touch with us and we can advise you on the most suitable equipment and techniques to best match your workplace and employees’ needs.