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Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring



ECO’s Remote Monitoring Stations have been developed over many years and are market-leaders in the provision of remote data. Our monitoring stations can be used with a range of monitoring sensors including dust, noise, vibration, weather, gas detection and groundwater.

ECO is Australia’s leader in the provision of monitoring stations for civil projects and the largest provider of equipment to such projects.

ECO’s monitoring stations are very flexible and allow for a range of applications and site conditions. For example, our dust monitoring stations can also have a weather station incorporated so that weather data can be cross-referenced to the dust concentrations and obtain a more accurate picture of whether dust emissions off site would have occurred.

Monitoring data is transmitted to a web portal that you have direct access to and which provides you with a full picture of environmental conditions on site. The information you see can be customised to your specific requirements and can be downloaded direct from the website for inclusion in reports or for further analysis.

The majority of monitoring stations use the mobile 3G/4G network for data transmission and we have also utilised satellite communications for particularly remote sites.

ECO’s Sales and Technical teams areable to assist you to customise a solution for whatever your remote monitoring requirements are.

Features & Benefits

We provide access to your data on your PC, laptop, tablet or even your smartphone. Our unique data access interface allows you to view the data graphically or in tabular form and the data can be stored for later review.


ECO's remote monitoring capability is available for sale or rental and we offer a full on-site installation if required or we can provide installation assistance via a webcall.




  • Dust and air monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Water depth & temperature
  • Noise & vibration monitoring
Remote Monitoring