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High Volume Air Samplers

High Volume Air Samplers



Lear Siegler High Volume Air Samplers are the “state of the art” in High Volume (70SCFM) air sampling. They draw precise volumes of air through a filter paper of known weight for a set period of time. Filter papers are then reweighed so the particulate loading of the air (in mg/m3) can be calculated. The paper contents can also be examined and analysed.

The PM10 head separates particles smaller than 10 microns from other airborne particulates. Particulates that are greater than 10 microns settle out in the impaction chamber are removed during cleaning or routine maintenance. The particles smaller than 10 micron are carried upward by the air flow and settle in a laboratory supplied quartz fibre filter.

The TSP head collects Total Suspended Particles, without separating particles of different sizes. It is designed to meet requirements for sampling airborne particulates at a known flow rate for a determined amount of time, allowing for proper calculation or airborne particulate concentrations.

Laboratory supplied Glass Fibre Filters are recommended wherever gravimetric weighing analysis may be required because of their non-hygroscopic properties. They will maintain constant weight under wide-ranging ambient humidity conditions and their excellent loading characteristics make them ideal for routine air monitoring, specialised monitoring of solid pollutants, microrganisms, oil and acid smokes.

Features & Benefits

  • Various sampling heads available: PM10, PM2.5 & TSP.
  • Various controller available (talk to your ECO equipment consultant).


  • Unattended monitoring of airborne particulates found in routine air monitoring.
  • Specialised monitoring of solid pollutants, microrganisms, oil and acid smokes.

Technical Specifications

Please refer to Product Brochure (listed below)