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Advantages of Water Quality Testing


Advantages of Water Quality Testing

Advantages of Water Quality Testing

November 20, 2020

Water is an essential element of our lives, giving life to all living creatures on Earth. The importance of ensuring that this water is of sound quality is extremely important, particularly if that water is intended for consumption. Water quality testing can provide valuable data on the condition of a particular body of water, and whether it may need special treatment before use. Examing factors such as the pH level, nutrient levels, amount of dissolved oxygen, alkalinity and bacteria are all useful in understanding the health of a waterbody, allowing you to accurately create a water management plan with the data. 

This article from ECO Environmental will be examining the advantages of water quality testing, before assessing some of the popular water quality meters available on the market today. 

Why is water quality testing important?

Whether it be for groundwater, surface water or open water, there are a number of reasons why it is important for you to undertake regular water quality testing. If you’re wanting to create a solid foundation on which to build a broader water management plan, then investing in water quality testing should be your first point of action. This testing will also allow you to adhere to strict permit regulations and be in compliance with Australian laws. 

Identifying the health of your water will help you to discover where it may need some help. Ultimately, finding a source of pollution, or remaining proactive with your monitoring will enable you to save money in the long term. The more information that you can obtain will assist you with your decision on what product you may need to improve the condition of your water. Simply guessing and buying products based on a hunch or a general trend is ill-advised, as each body of water has unique properties that can only be discovered through testing. 

Measuring the amount of dissolved oxygen in your water is another important advantage of water quality testing, as typically the less oxygen, the higher the water temperature, resulting in a more harmful environment for aquatic life. These levels do fluctuate slightly across the seasons, but regular monitoring of your water quality will allow you to discover trends over time, and whether there are other factors that may be contributing to the results you discover.

In order to undertake water quality testing, you’ll need the right equipment for the job.

Water Quality Monitoring and Sampling Equipment

Depending on the type of water you require the testing for, you may need a water quality meter, a water sampler, or a low flow groundwater pump. Assessing the location of your water will allow you to narrow down your search for an appropriate water quality monitoring device or sampling equipment. 

One such piece of equipment that can help people to measure water quality in the field in a simple and efficient way is the Hanna Pocket Tester. This sleek and easily portable water quality meter can give you accurate measurements on pH, total dissolved salts, electrical conductivity and the temperature of your water. The graphite conductivity electrode in the Hanna Pocket Tester ensures that the device isn’t contaminated by salt deposits in the water it is being used in. 

Water sampler

If you need something with a little more durability and intend to be testing water quality in harsher conditions, the TPS WP-81 water quality meter is another popular choice. These devices measure the same water quality parameters as the Hanna Pocket Tester, featuring an IP67 waterproof rating. Another benefit of this water quality tester is that all data measurements are stored in the device with date and time stamps, being able to be downloaded directly to a PC or printer. 

Water quality meter

For those looking for a high-end water quality testing experience, the YSI Professional Plus water quality meter offers robust and versatile performance options in the harshest of environments. With the file system able to manage 2,000 data sets, this device is perfect for agriculture, aquaculture, laboratories and schools. You can also use the water quality meter for low flow groundwater sampling with the optional rugged flow cell able to be connected to a groundwater sampling pump. 

Water quality meter

Lastly, the YSI ProDSS water quality meter is a reliable option that uses digital sensors to accurately measure groundwater, surface water, coastal water, and aquaculture. These water quality meters have an optional GPS feature, comprehensive data management system, and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, all designed at making your water sampling process more efficient and easier to conduct. 

ECO Environmental – Water Testing Equipment Suppliers

The more data that you can acquire as part of your water quality testing, the more ecologically focused and comprehensive your water management plan can be. As one of the leading water quality testing equipment and sampling equipment suppliers in Australia, ECO Environmental can cover all of your water quality testing needs. We have a range of portable and multi-parameter water quality meters, open water samplers, and groundwater samplers to allow you to accurately measure the health of your water. 

Please contact the water testing equipment suppliers at ECO Environmental on +61 8 9328 2900 so we can help guide your decision on the best equipment to suit the water that you intend to measure the quality of. Alternatively, if you require any custom equipment or specific training, please make an appointment through our online booking page