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Hanna Pocket Testers

Hanna Pocket Testers



Hanna Pocket Testers allow you to measure pH, Electrical Conductivity (EC), Total Dissolved Salts (TDS), Redox (ORP) & Temperature in the field quickly and easily.

Attention to detail is evident in these advanced instruments with features such as replaceable electrode technology and stainless steel temperature probes for faster, more precise measurements. The EC/TDS meters have graphite probes for fast response and contamination resistance.

At startup, each tester performs a self check then displays the remaining battery level assuring proper working condition. A stability indicator tells you when to take the reading and a hold button freezes the display for easy and accurate recording. All information is displayed on a redesigned LCD that gives you the complete picture at a glance.

Why choose Hanna Pocket Testers?

Features & Benefits

Replaceable Electrodes

Hanna uses exclusive replaceable cartridge electrodes. The stainless steel round connector of the electrode means there are no pins to bend or break during replacement.

Rejuvenating pH Junctions

The pH replaceable electrode features a pull-out cloth junction. When the cloth junction becomes dirty from routine testing, simply pull out 3 mm (1/8”) to rejuvenate the electrode.

Contamination Resistant

Conductivity Electrode Hanna’s graphite conductivity electrode resists contamination from salt deposits in the solution.

Close Proximity Temperature Probe

An exposed temperature probe provides faster response times. Its close proximity guarantees more accurate temperature compensated readings.

Technical Specifications

Please contact ECO Environmental for additional technical specifications or download the Hanna Pocket Tester Sales Brochure below.

Models Available

Model Measurements
HI98127 pH & Temp (Low)
HI98128 pH & Temp (High)
HI98311 EC, TDS & Temp (Low)
HI98312 EC, TDS & Temp (High)
HI98120 ORP & Temp
HI98121 pH, ORP & Temp
HI98129 pH, EC TDS & Temp (Low)
HI98130 pH, EC, TDS & Temp (High)