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YSI ProQuatro

YSI ProQuatro

YSI ProQuatro


Tougher. Smarter. More Versatile

The YSI Professional Plus water quality meter is not a refinement. It came straight out of the imagination of our customers...and the ingenuity of a multi-disciplined team dedicated to making the ideal solution come to life.

Do your job with confidence even in the harshest field conditions. The drop-tested Pro Plus was designed tough with military-spec connectors, a two-year warranty on all cables, weighted sensor guards, and a rubber over-molded case with three-year warranty. Its interchangeable sensors and extra-durable cables nearly eliminate down time. And its low overall cost of ownership means you’re making a worthwhile investment for years to come.

Versatile Cable and Sensor Options

This multi-parameter meter is available with a selection of cable and sensor options depending on your application. The Quatro cable allows the measurement of temperature, conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen and your choice of any two ISEs – pH, ORP, ammonium, nitrate or chloride. Or if you only wish to monitor two parameters there is a single or dual cable, all available in a variety of lengths.

Optional Flow Cell

The YSI Pro Plus is also available with an optional rugged flow cell, allowing the meter to be easily connected to any groundwater sampling pump. The Quanta Flow Cell is perfect for Low Flow Sampling applications, allowing you to accurately monitor DO and other water quality parameters from the surface without the need for an insitu water quality meter.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged, durable field cable with a 2-year warranty standard
  • 3-year instrument warranty
  • The file system allows for a 100 folder and site list structure to store and easily manage 2,000 data sets
  • Free Data Manager desktop software and ProComm II saddle
  • 6-point cal with auto-buffer recognition
  • Multiple user-replaceable sensor options and a choice of galvanic or polarographic DO sensors
  • Rubber over-molded IP-67 waterproof case
  • Scratch-resistant lens; viewable with polarized glasses
  • Drop-tested 1 meter at all angles, instrument also floats


  • Water quality testing
  • Geological and ecological testing
  • Cooling towers and boiler water
  • Agriculture and aquaculture
  • Schools and laboratories

Technical Specifications

Please contact ECO Environmental for additional technical specifications or download the YSI ProPlus Brochure below.