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Geotech Low Flow Bladder Pump

Geotech Low Flow Bladder Pump



Along with the USGS, Geotech designed the original low flow bladder pump for groundwater quality and pollution monitoring. Designed to pump quality samples from 50mm diameter wells (and smaller) our range of Geotech pumps are able to lift a sample from as deep as 305m (1000ft) with minimal agitation and drawdown– they are the perfect pumps for low flow sampling or micro-purging.

The GeoControl Pro controller is housed in a rugged waterproof case and is easy to use. It operates on an internal air compressor with pressure up to 100 psi, and utilises advanced electronic logic to control both high rate purging and gentle low flow sampling. The GeoControl Pro can be used with any bladder pump system with the use of simple quick disconnect adapters.

Customised Low Flow Systems

Over the years ECO Environmental have developed customised low flow systems, especially adapted to suit Australian conditions. Our monitoring systems are light weight and portable, without bulky compressed air bottles, as we understand your groundwater monitoring projects may take you anywhere.

We can customise both dedicated and portable sampling systems to suit your particular application, even to a depth of 300m with the aid of a drop tube assembly. This is especially useful for mining applications where you have extra deep production bores.

If you are looking for a complete low flow sampling and monitoring kit, we have the solution! The ECO Low Flow Kit incorporates the Geotech Portable Low Flow Pump, along with a Hydrolab Quanta with Flow Cell and Heron Drawdown Meter. The ECO kit allows you to correctly monitor the drawdown effects within the well during low flow sampling, while obtaining water quality measurements directly from within the monitoring bore. With the aid of a flow cell and low flow pump, you can now accurately monitor DO and other parameters from the surface without the need for an insitu water quality meter.


Features & Benefits

Bladder Pump Features
  • Various diameters available (4.2cm, 2.2cm & 1.71cm OD)
  • True low flow capability for more representative samples.
  • Proprietary long life PTFE bladder.
  • Constructed of electropolished 316 Stainless Steel.
  • Dedicated or portable turnkey systems.
  • Pumps designed for 50mm wells and smaller.
  • Optional screened intake extends bladder life.
  • Optional Drop Tube Assembly available for sampling from greater depths.
  • PVC models available.
  • Maximum depth 305 metres.
  • Limited lifetime warranty (on dedicated Stainless Steel systems).

GeoControl Pro Features
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Operates on 115V AC or 12V DC.
  • Rugged water tight case.
  • High pressure operation to 300 PSI.
  • Low flow sampling.
  • Built in pressure regulator & gauge.
  • High accuracy timers.
  • Adjustable fill rate control.
  • Simple to use, & designed for trouble free operation.

Recommended Accessories

As the Australian distributors for Geotech Environmental Equipment we stock a large range of parts and accessories to suit the Geotech sampling pumps. This includes Tubing, Bladders and Pump Accessories.

Technical Specifications

Please contact ECO Environmental for additional technical specifications or download the Geotech Bladder Pump Brochure below.

Geotech Low Flow Sampling Pump - Includes:

  • Battery & charger,
  • GEO.166SS18 pump,
  • Spare parts kit,
  • 12 replacement bladders,
  • DC power cord,
  • Internal compressor and
  • Portable carrying case.