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ECO Dust Monitoring Station – Solar Powered Remote Monitoring

ECO Dust Monitoring Station – Solar Powered Remote Monitoring


Dust Management Systems

  • We do all the ground work including installation and decommissioning of equipment
  • Full technical support from our experienced Field Services Staff
  • Solar powered + 12V battery for backing up
  • Simple all in one package
  • Remote telemetry means data is emailed to you on time without going to site
  • Includes visual and SMS alarms, with optional audible alarm
  • Customised programming can alert Water Truck for corrective action

Cost effective solution

The ECO Dust Monitoring Station is your cost-effective solution for real-time air quality monitoring. The monitoring station is fitted with a TSI DustTrak Aerosol Monitor, giving you real-time results for live tracking while simultaneously logging. With the capability of visible, audible and SMS alarms we can programme the units to monitor a pre determined corrective action alarm, giving you the confidence to instantly respond not days after the event. Data acquisition is supported by remote telemetry which means no site visits, the data is emailed to you on a regular basis saving you money.

ECO Environmental can also provide customised Dust Management Systems through our experienced Field Services Staff. Such services include installation and decommissioning of equipment, full technical support while equipment is on-site including all maintenance and calibrations, plus daily filter or sampling media collection and delivery to the lab for analysis. We happily do all the groundwork so you can get on with your day.


The secure monitoring station is robust enough to handle conditions in harsh mining and industrial workplaces, as well as construction and environmental sites. Your monitoring station can also be fitted with an Air Sampling Pump, or Minimate Noise and Vibration Monitor, suitable for obtaining important samples and relevant background data. The telemetry air quality station can also be used in conjunction with a weather monitoring station, allowing you to determine the effects of weather conditions on your data, such as wind speed and direction.

The ECO SPEC dust monitoring station contains