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Weather Stations

Weather Stations



ECO can provide a weather station to suit your needs, whether it’s a basic one sensor logger or a sophisticated full sensor remote access system from well known brands such as Davis and Vaisala.

Vaisala WXT530

The Vaisala WXT530 is a cost efficient series of all-in-one weather instruments. They are especially designed for unattended operations at remote sites requiring high reliability, low power consumption and extended back-up battery capacity. The Vaisala system uses a field proven and high accuracy data logger and advanced software. The enclosure has enough space for equipping it with the sensor and telemetry devices of your choice to provide the most economical and optimized turnkey solution for your every application.

The WXT530 series uses solid state sensor technology which means there are no moving parts, minimising operating and maintenance costs. This meter needs to be connected to a datalogger or computer to enable weather data to be read and/or stored. Data is also able to be sent and viewed remotely using ECO’s remote Monitoring Stations.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy and economical to install, maintain and upgrade.
  • Field-proven reliability and accuracy in harsh environments.
  • Low power consumption for extended remote operations.
  • Wide selection of sensors and telemetry options.
  • Extensive calculation and data logging capacity.
  • Low Total-Life-Cycle Cost.

Davis Vantage Pro

The Davis Vantage Pro is a professional and rugged weather station with a versatile suite of sensors. The Vantage pro comes with a convenient console for viewing live data and there is an optional USB logger for storage of data for later download.  The Vantage Pro comes with a standard suite of sensors including wind speed/direction, humidity, rainfall, solar radiation, barometric pressure and air temperature. These units are a more traditional style weather station with a vane anemometer, specific rain collector, etc.


  • Civil works and redevelopment sites.
  • Mining.
  • Can be incorporated with ECO’s Remote Monitoring Stations for a complete dust management system. ECO rental unit includes optional 10m mast to meet Australian Standards.

Available Sensors

  • Wind speed & direction.
  • Atmospheric pressure.
  • Air temperature, relative humidity & dew point.
  • Rain / precipitation.
  • Global solar radiation.
  • UV radiation/ PAR.
  • Evaporation.