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SKC PCXR8 Universal Sampling Pump

SKC PCXR8 Universal Sampling Pump



The result of extensive research and development, the PCXR8 air sampling pump is a constant flow personal or area sampling pump suited for a broad range of applications.

With an operating range of 5 to 5000 ml/min (low flow applications of 5 to 500 ml/min require an optional adjustable low flow holder), this battery-operated air sample pump is ideal for industrial hygiene studies as well as environmental testing. Specifically designed for “on-worker” and “fenceline” applications. Back pressure compensation to 40 inches of water, automatically corrects to maintain a constant flow.

The PCXR8 comes with a built-in low flow pressure regulator at no extra cost. For low flow air sampling at 5 to 500 ml/min (requires the 224-26 series Adjustable Low Flow Holder accessory). Its long-life NiCad battery provides a minimum of 8 hours of continuous use per charge; battery charge test ensures pump lasts your entire shift.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide 5 to 5000 ml/min constant flow range
  • Built-in low flow pressure regulator for multi-tube sampling
  • Extra rugged RFI/EMI-shielded case — CE marked
  • UL Listed for intrinsic safety
  • ATEX and MSHA-approved models available
  • Only 34 ounces (964 grams)
  • Long run times — 12+ hours at 4000 ml/min, 20 inches water back pressure
  • The solution for industrial hygiene and environmental applications
  • Three models available for a choice of features


  • Personal exposure monitoring/IH studies
  • Ambient/work area monitoring
  • Environmental sampling
  • Epidemiology health studies
  • Engineering studies
  • Asbestos monitoring
  • Fenceline Studies

Recommended Accessories

We also sell a large range of sampling media and accessories to suit the SKC sampling pumps. This includes SKC Coated Filters, Particulate Samplers and Pump Accessories.


Technical Specifications

Product Specifications Description
Flow Control Accuracy Holds constant flow to ± 5% of set point
Timing Accuracy ± 0.05% (± 45 seconds per day)
Typical Run Time Battery: 12 hrs minimum at 4000 ml/min and 20 inches water back pressure, dependent on media used
Battery Eliminator: Pump provides extended runs. PCXR4 and PCXR8 display rolls over to 0 upon reaching 9999 min
Charge Time 6 to 8.5 hrs with PowerFlex charger (varies with battery capacity and level of discharge)
Temperature Range Operating: 32 to 113 F (0 to 45 C)
Storage: -4 to 113 F (-20 to 45 C)
Charging: 50 to 113 F (10 to 45 C)
Operating Humidity Range 0 to 95% non-condensing
Timer Display Range PCXR4 and PCXR8 only 1 to 9999 min (6.8 days)
Timed Shutdown PCXR8 only User-selectable time of operation before automatic shutdown. Maximum setting is 9999 min (6.8 days)
Delay On PCXR8 only User-selectable time to delay test. Maximum setting is 9999 min (6.8 days)
Intermittent Sampling PCXR8 only User-selectable parameters to extend short-term samples over an extended period. Elapsed time maximum is 9999 min (6.8 days)
Flow and Low Battery Fault PCXR4 and PCXR8 only Pump shuts down, timing functions pause, time display is retained, and LCD indicates fl ow or low battery fault.
Dimensions 5.1 x 4.7 x 1.9 in (13 x 11.9 x 4.8 cm)