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Waterra Foot Valves

Waterra Foot Valves


The Waterra Inertial Pump was designed from the onset to meet four goals: simplicity, performance and quality sample collection in a package affordable enough to dedicate to every well. Waterra found that by eliminating complex and over-engineered components like bladders, pistons and submersible motors that a low cost, easy to operate pump could be produced.

The final product consists only of a foot valve and a length of plastic tubing that when oscillated up and down in the well, by the Waterra Powerpack, produces a flow of water. Our clients have found that our simple, reliable and versatile sampling system excels in performance, yet is easily affordable. In the field, Waterra has always performed beyond the expectations of such a simple design.

Why use Waterra Foot Valves? Consider the following:

  1. Dedicated sampling systems are regarded by groundwater professionals to provide better quality and more representative samples at a dramatically reduced cost. Waterra pumps cost little more than bailers to dedicate, yet equal or exceed far more costly pumps in performance.
  2. Installing dedicated pumps to all your wells eliminates costly field blanks, lowers the risk and associated costs of cross contamination and reduces labour expenses.
  3. The Waterra Inertial System offers dedicated installations at a price comparable to that of bailers, but with superior performance and flexibility. Waterra further extends system range and capabilities by providing reliable and easy to use manual, electric or petrol powered actuators.

Features & Benefits

  • Various models available: 13mm, 16mm, 25mm and 32mm OD.
  • Flow rates of up to 13lpm achievable with D32 Foot Valve.
  • Lift capacity of up to 42 metres.
  • Dedicating foot valves and tubing avoids possible cross contamination issues.


  • Purging, sampling and developing environmental monitoring wells.
  • Narrow or kinked sampling wells

Technical Specifications

D32 Foot Valve
  • Lift Capacity: 42m
  • Flow Rate: 0 – 13lpm
  • Tubing: 25.4mm OD
  • Delrin D32 are ideal for well purging, well development and sediment laden wells.

D25 Foot Valve
  • Lift Capacity: 40m
  • Flow Rate: 0 – 6lpm
  • Tubing: 16mm OD
  • Delrin D25 are ideal for developing, sampling and purging groundwater monitoring wells.

D16 Foot Valve
  • Lift Capacity: 30m
  • Flow Rate: 0 – 3.5lpm
  • Tubing: 10mm OD
  • Delrin D16 foot valves screw inside the tubing, allowing usage in narrower wells.

D13 Foot Valve
  • Lift Capacity: 20m
  • Flow Rate: 0 – 2.2lpm
  • Tubing: 9.5mm ID
  • Delrin D13 foot valves are ideal for sampling narrow wells, piezometers, damaged wells and in custom installations.

Recommended Accessories