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Tubing, Bladders & Pump Accessories

Tubing, Bladders & Pump Accessories




We offer a range of LDPE, HDPE and Silicone tubing to suit most ground water sampling pumps on the market. Readily available from our office, we can deliver it to you on the same day, or simply drop past our office on your way to site.

Also coming soon to ECO is the Low Flow Bonded Tubing. Please enquire for more information.

Bladders and Pump Accessories

As the Australian distributors for Geotech Environmental Equipment we stock a large range of parts and accessories to suit the Geotech sampling pumps. This includes replacement bladders for the Geotech Portable Low Flow Pump. They are readily available in either disposable LDPE or Teflon, and can be purchased individually or a value pack of 12.

Also available are the Dedicated Bladder Cartridges for the Geotech Dedicated Bladder Pumps. These cartridges are pre loaded for an easy field change over.

Have you lost part of your pump down the well? It’s likely that at some point during your time in the field, part of your pump may become detatched during sampling. Before you panic give ECO a call, we might have the part you are looking for.

Technical Specifications


Model Description & Application Dimensions
LDPE.25 LDPE Disposable Tubing (100m), suits low flow pump air intake 6mmOD/4mmID
LDPE- BOND LDPE Bonded Tubing (100m), suits Geotech low flow pump 6mmOD/4mmID
HDPE.25 HDPE Disposable tubing (100m), suits peristaltic pump 6mmOD & 9mmOD / 4mmID & 6mmID
LDPE.375 LDPE Disposable Tubing (100m), suits low flow pump water discharge/ peristaltic pump 9mmOD/6mmID
LDPE.50 LDPE Disposable Tubing (100m), suits 12V pumps / D13 footvalve 13mmOD/10mmID
LDPE16 LDPE Disposable Tubing (100m), suits D16 and D25 footvalve 16mmOD/12.7mmID
Silicone Peroxide Cured Silicone (Either 20cm, 1m piece or 15m roll), suits peristaltic pump head Size 15


Model Description
LFB LDPE Low Flow Bladder (single), suits Geotech portable bladder pump
LFB12 LDPE Low Flow Bladder (12 pack), suits Geotech portable bladder pump