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Benefits of the Van Dorn Water Sampler


Benefits of the Van Dorn Water Sampler

Benefits of the Van Dorn Water Sampler

December 15, 2020

The Van Dorn water sampler is a unique piece of water sampling equipment that is intended for both shallow or deep water. These water samplers are often referred to as “horizontal” because of the way that they descend the water, being parallel to the bottom bed. The sampler is pulled sideways around 1m before the “messenger” (a special metal weight) is released to close off the sampler, allowing you to acquire a representative water sample from the depth that you require. These samplers are incredibly useful in the world of environmental sampling equipment, and the team at ECO Environmental have put together this blog to outline some of the benefits of the Van Dorn water sampler, and how it may be useful for your needs. 

Shallow & Deep Water Application 

Being a versatile piece of water sampling equipment, the Van Dorn water sampler is suitable for both shallow and deep water applications. This may be for the purpose of water sampling, water monitoring or in-depth water quality research. The horizontal water flow through is not burdened by constraints so that no appreciable contamination can happen when in shallow water. Although they can be quite versatile in their application, they are most suitable for sampling various stratification levels, the thermocline or just above the bottom sediments.

Simple Maintenance 

Certain environmental sampling equipment can present a number of challenges when it comes to the maintenance of the equipment or when attempting to clean them. However, in the case of the Van Dorn water sampler, the device itself is very easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for use on a regular basis. This also helps to preserve the sampler for longer, helping you get a better life out of the equipment. 

Simple Operation

Due to their lightweight and simple design, these devices can easily be operated by a single person in the field. This removes the need to send out a full team to complete water sampling for your business. Another benefit of their simple operation is aided by having a choice in transparent acrylic or opaque PVC in the sampler. The transparent acrylic is highly recommended as this allows for you to view the contents of the water sample immediately upon using the device. However, if you require a more durable and less costly design, then the opaque PVC may be more suitable. 

Suitable for Use in Water With Solid Particles 

Again, thanks to their versatility, the Van Dorn water sampler can also be used for measuring specific parameters in water which contains large quantities of solid particles. They are ideal for open water profiling or in instances where coastal waters may need to be analysed for the presence of heavy metals, something which has become of great interest for environmental monitoring specialists. 

water sampler being used on site

Van Dorn Water Sampler Diagram 

ECO Environmental 

Our team of environmental sampling equipment specialists can help you decide on whether the Van Dorn water sampler may be the most appropriate sampler for your needs. The Van Dorn is available for purchase or rental, so you may choose to rent this product on a project basis. We also generally recommend Beta Samplers, as these have no metal parts that can touch the water sample, giving you the freedom to utilise these samplers for trace metal sampling. 

We have a range of other water samplers available for purchase or rental, so please get in contact with ECO Environmental if you’d like to discuss some of these other options in depth. You can reach us at +61 8 9328 2900, or send us an enquiry with your water sampling equipment needs on our contact page.