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Proactive 12v Groundwater Pumps  Stainless Steel

Proactive 12v Groundwater Pumps Stainless Steel



Simplify and expedite your next sampling day!

Our range of 12 volt groundwater pumps are capable of pumping from 60m depth in a standard 50mm monitoring well. The convenience of 12 volt power and the field rugged design makes them the pump of choice for many environmental scientists. Designed for both continuous sampling and/or groundwater purging, these pumps can run dry for up to two hours and can pass sand, small rocks and debris without getting clogged.

Various models are available to suit your monitoring requirements. All pumps have an average life of approximately 400 hours and will provide you with a low cost, quick way to sample. All pumps are supplied with heavy duty 12 gauge wire, battery clamps, tubing adapter and cigarette lighter adapter.

Why Choose 12v Stainless Steel Pumps?

These pumps incorporate some truly smart design features. The pump motor and seals, that generally endure the most wear and tear in the field, are now available single replaceable motor module. Should your motor fail in the field, a secondary motor module can be installed within 30 seconds by a simple quarter turn twist. Once installed, your pump is essentially new and will have a life span identical to a new pump.

Product Specifications Description
SS Mega Typhoon* 24m
SS Monsoon* 35m
SS Hurricane* 45m
SS Mega Monsoon* 60m

*Requires Low Flow Controller / Power Booster for operation

Power Booster / Low Flow Controllers

The Proactive Low Flow Sampling Controllers are engineered specifically for the 12v Proactive pumps. These controllers should never be modified for other pump types.

With the Low Flow Sampling Controller the user can precisely control the water discharge rate with the turn of a knob. The Low Flow Sampling Controller is used to monitor and regulate low flow sampling as low as 40ml/min.


Recommended Accessories

As an Australian distributor for Proactive Pumps we keep a range of the 12V Pumps and accessories in stock. This includes suitable Tubing and Pump Accessories. Please enquire for more information.

Technical Specifications

Please contact ECO Environmental for additional technical specifications or download the Proactive Pump Brochure below.