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Geotech Peristaltic Pump

Geotech Peristaltic Pump



Geotech's Peristaltic Pumps are designed to remove liquid samples from shallow wells and any surface water source by vacuum or pressure pumping through tubes. Available in AC, DC or AC/DC versions, they are equally suited for the field or laboratory.

The Geotech Peristaltic Pumps operate by mechanical peristalsis, so the sample only comes in contact with the tubing. This allows for sample integrity as well as easy cleaning and replacement. With the optional stainless steel tubing weight, tubing can be lowered to a specific depth without curling or floating on the surface of the water.


The Geotech Series I Peristaltic Pumps are available in AC only, DC only, or an AC/DC combination. These units have one pumping station which can be piggy-backed for multi-station pumping. They have variable speeds ranging from 60rpm to 350rpm.


The Geotech Series II Peristaltic Pumps are available in AC only, DC only, or an AC/DC combination. They have two pumping stations which can also be piggy-backed for multi- station pumping. The first pumping station has a variable speed of 30rpm to 300rpm and the second station 60rpm to 600rpm.

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional field durability.
  • Operate from 60rpm to a maximum of 600rpm.
  • Delivery rate of 1.67ml per revolution.
  • Operate to a depth of 8m at sea level.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Reversible flow feature for back-flushing.
  • Disposable and dedicated tubing means controlled costs and no decontamination issues.


  • Groundwater monitoring and sampling.
  • Perfect for shallow low flow sampling applications.

Technical Specifications

Product Specifications Description
Operating range Suction from 8 metres at sea level
Principle of operation Mechanical peristalsis
Dimensions 3.5" x 8" x 8"
Power source Any external 12V DC or 120V AC
Power cord 12V DC adapter cord or standard AC power cord
Power cord length AC cord: 2.4 metres; DC cord: 4.5 metres
Range of speed: Series I 60 to 350rpm
Range of speed: Series II First pumping station 30 to 300rpm, second pumping station 60 to 600rpm.
Speed control Stepless variable speed control
Liquid delivery rate 1.67ml per revolution
Pumping options Pressure or vacuum (reversible flow)
Pump head rotor Cold rolled steel
Basic system kit Geopump (as specified), 1.5 metres of tubing, power cord (as specified), field case, and manual. Pump head sold separately: standard, easy-load 1, easy-load 2, or quick load.

Recommended Accessories

As the Australian distributors for Geotech Environmental Equipment we stock a large range of parts and accessories to suit the Geotech sampling pumps. This includes Tubing, Bladders and Pump Accessories.