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Geotech PRC Skimmer

Geotech PRC Skimmer



The Geotech Passive Recovery Canister is a passive skimmer with a floating intake that separates and recovers light hydrocarbons from ground water.

The Geotech PRC collects floating product down to a sheen then is emptied through a discharge valve at the bottom of the canister after being raised to the surface.

Features & Benefits

  • Oleophilic /Hydrophobic filter buoy recovers product without taking in water.
  • Quick fill time – about 15 minutes with ample product.
  • Protected easy release drain valve.
  • Able to convert to active recovery systems.
  • 2" PRC available in .25, .5 and 1 litre recovery capacities.
  • 4" PRC available in 1, 3 and 4 litre recovery capacities.

Technical Specifications

2″ PRC Model

2" PRC Specifications0.25 Litre0.5 Litre1 Litre
Dimensions49.0" L x 1.75" OD (149cm x 4.4cm)59.5" L x 1.75" OD (151cm x 4.4cm)82.5" L x 1.75" OD (210cm x 4.4cm)
Empty Weight1.4kg1.6kg2.4kg
Capacity0.07 gal.0.13 gal.0.26 gal.
Min Water Required29.0" (74cm)39.5" (100cm)62.0" (157cm)

4″ PRC Model

4" PRC Specifications1 Litre3 Litre4 Litre
Dimensions37.0" L x 3.5" OD (94cm x 9cm)53.0" L x 3.5" OD (135cm x 9cm)60.0" L x 3.5" OD (152cm x 9cm)
Empty Weight3.7kg6.8kg8.2kg
Capacity0.26 gal.0.80 gal.1.06 gal.
Min Water Required18.5" (47cm)35.0" (89cm)43.0" (109cm)