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Dormer Standard Soil Augers

Dormer Standard Soil Augers


The Dormer General Purpose Auger(SOS) is our most popular auger. Its general purpose design will handle most soil conditions – including very sandy soils. In stiff dry clay, penetration can be improved by adding a little water to the hole. The Dormer General Purpose Auger is a 2 slot, 2 cutter auger with a spiral tip design.

Dormer General Purpose Auger - Extra Bite

The Dormer General Purpose Soil Auger with extra bite (SOD), was developed to achieve extra penetration in hard clay soils. Whilst the main body of the auger is the same as the General Purpose Auger, the larger, coarser tooth design allows the user to auger in zones other augers can't penetrate.

Dormer Gravely Soils Auger

Similar to the General Purpose Auger, the Dormer Gravely Soils Auger has been specially designed to perform better in gravely soil conditions. Not restricted to gravely soil types the Dormer Gravely Soils Auger will handle most soil conditions. In stiff dry clay, penetration can be improved by adding a little water to the hole. The Dormer Gravely Soils Auger is a 2 slot, 2 cutter auger with a spiral tip design.

Dormer Sand Auger

The Dormer Sand Auger (SA) was originally designed to sample for minerals in beach sands but is now used extensively for drilling and sampling in very sandy friable soils. The Dormer Sand Auger has bite! A 75mm diameter sand auger will penetrate 30cm in approximately four revolutions, filling the auger head. In good conditions, one person can auger to 10m in under an hour.

Dormer Sticky Clay Auger

The Dormer Sticky Clay Auger (SOC) has been designed to allow the user to quickly penetrate clayey soils. The new wider side openings, and streamlined design of the cutting tip allows for quick sample removal and easy cleaning as well as faster cleaner sampling in clayey soils.

Dormer Jarret Auger

The Dormer Jarret Auger (JA) has been designed for the taking of small samples. Available in 50mm, 75mm or 100mm head only, the Jarret Auger is a small light weight auger and requires a seperate Auger extension and T-handle. Unlike other auger styles, the Jarret Auger will cause a large amount of mixing within a sample, however the auger teeth ensure the Jarret Auger will break through ground other augers can't.

Dormer Spiral Auger

The Dormer Spiral Auger (SP) has been deigned to punch through hard compacted soils or decomposed rock. They drill faster and are stronger than the General Purpose Augers, but require greater care for accurate sampling. Available in either a large spiral (1m) or small spiral (30cm) and mounted on a tubular steel shank, the Dormer Spiral Auger allows you to penetrate layers unreachable with other auger types.

Features & Benefits

Available in blue painted steel, all Dormer augers are case hardened in a furnace. Connections are available as either a fine or coarse thread attached to 1m shanks as standard. A range of lengths, diameters and fittings are available.

  • Available on 1m and 1.5m shanks
  • Available with 50mm, 62mm, 75mm and 100mm heads
  • Thicker steel models available
  • Australian manufacture ensures prompt delivery

Here's a Dormer fact: In South Africa 12 men drilled to a depth of 100 metres in one day!


  • Metals/Metalliods analysis
  • Organometallics
  • Organics
  • Mono Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Phthalate esters
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Phenols

Highly Recommended Accessories

The Dormer Specialised Soil Samplers have been designed for use with the Dormer Accessories including the Slide Hammer, Extension Rods and T-Handle. Available accessories include:

  • Dormer Extension Rods
  • Dormer T-Handles
  • Dormer Adapters
  • Dormer Tommy Bars
  • Dormer Star Drills and Chisels
  • Dormer Slide Hammers
  • Dormer Stone Catcher
  • Dormer Bore Protection
  • Dormer Carry Bag