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SKC Particulate Sampling

SKC Particulate Sampling



SKC Manufactures a range of particulate samplers for health and safety applications, including inhalable and respirable dust.

The IOM personal inhalable dust sampler is a conductive plastic sampling head that houses a reusable 25-mm filter cassette with specified filter for the collection of inhalable airborne particles. When attached to a personal sampling pump operating at 2 L/min and clipped near a worker’s breathing zone, the IOM effectively traps particles up to 100 µm in aerodynamic diameter and closely simulates the manner in which airborne workplace particles are inhaled through the nose and mouth.

The SKC Aluminum Cyclone is a lightweight respirable dust sampler that is used with a filter loaded into a three-piece filter cassette. The cyclone separates dust particles according to size. The respirable particles collect on a filter for analysis while larger particles fall into the grit pot and are discarded. The cyclone is clipped to a worker’s collar or pocket as close to the breathing zone as possible. The sampling pump is clipped to the worker’s belt or placed in a protective pouch. The pump is activated and the cyclone is worn during the entire sampling period. After sampling, the filter cassette is removed, sealed, and sent with all data to a laboratory for analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Meets U.S. and International Standards
  • Economical and Reusable
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Collects Inhalable Particles
  • Maintains Sample Integrity