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Water Sampling With Autosamplers


Water Sampling With Autosamplers

Water Sampling With Autosamplers

May 03, 2022

Obtaining repeated water samples can be a very time intensive process, especially if monitoring remote sites. ECO’s range of Auto samplers can greatly reduce the resources required to undertake this monitoring by allowing you to programme the sampler to take samples based on time-intervals or external triggers such as first flows or water level.

Auto samplers also help to provide a reliable, repeatable, representative sample and reduce the potential for human error. 

Here at ECO we are proud to supply a range of Auto samplers that help with a wide array of applications such as surface and groundwater monitoring, discharge event monitoring, process monitoring amongst many others. We can also help tailor the sampler to your needs by providing options for solar powered or mains powered, refrigerated and non-refrigerated or also supplying additional accessories such as flow meters.

Having also been awarded long-term programmed maintenance contracts for some of Australia’s major water utilities, ECO Environmental is also well placed to help you repair and maintain your existing Auto Sampler.

ECO Environmental has Auto samplers available for both rental and purchase – if you would like to discuss our auto sampler options, please contact ECO Environmental in your nearest office.