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How Gas Monitoring Equipment Can Improve The Safety of Your Workplace


How Gas Monitoring Equipment Can Improve The Safety of Your Workplace

How Gas Monitoring Equipment Can Improve The Safety of Your Workplace

November 20, 2020

There are many elements that go into ensuring the safety of your employees and your workplace itself. Gas monitoring equipment should be an important part of your safety procedures, particularly for those at operating plants and in close proximity to large amounts of gas. Our environmental monitoring specialists at ECO Environmental all encourage the use of gas monitoring equipment and aim to express the benefits they can have in your workplace in this blog.

Discover Hazardous Environments 

Portable gas monitoring equipment is particularly important for industries such as oil and gas, mining and agriculture as they can help to identify potentially hazardous environments. Using equipment such as gas monitors will allow you to discover levels of oxygen deficiency, presence of poisonous gases, and potentially explosive atmospheres. By doing so you can take the necessary measures to ensure that these toxic or gaseous environments are dealt with effectively. 

Confined Spaces 

When working within confined spaces, particularly in mining and oil and gas contexts, the presence of a structured and sound gas monitoring system needs to be present. The risk of exposing your employees to hazardous substances such as hydrogen sulfide, or dealing with a lack of oxygen, are real threats that need to be properly addressed before it causes any negative effects on your employees. You’ll need special portable gas monitoring equipment to assess the condition of confined spaces before allowing your employees to carry out any work in there. This needs to be done on a continuous basis all throughout the working process so that you can continue to monitor the level of hazardous gas in the area.

Truck in underground gas tunnel

Protecting Your Workers 

Undoubtedly the most important aspect of your workplace are your workers. Making sure that all appropriate measures are in place to protect and support your workers should be the number one priority for all businesses, regardless of the industry you operate within. In the event that the gas monitoring equipment identifies toxic gases in the atmosphere, you then can protect your employees by providing personal protective equipment such as special respirators. 

Worker in HAZMAT gear

Monitoring Fumigation Chemicals 

Gas monitoring is also an important part of personal protection and special monitoring when dealing with fumigation gases during treatment, handling and transportation. The gas monitoring equipment here is useful for detecting any fumigation gas leaks, and ensuring that your employees aren’t being exposed to these dangerous levels of fumigant gases. Accurate monitoring of your fumigation is just as important as the fumigation process itself. Docks that receive high amounts of fumigation chemicals need to have these gas monitoring measures in places, as they carefully inspect and unpack containers on a daily basis. 

ECO Environmental – Gas Monitoring Equipment Hire

ECO Environmental offers a range of different portable PIDs, multi-gas detectors, landfill gas detectors and other specialist gas monitoring equipment for both hire or purchase. Frequently such equipment may be needed on a project basis, so we do encourage you to rent the equipment if you need it for a specific project. 

As always, we are available to discuss your gas monitoring needs and can advise on the most suitable equipment to fit your circumstances and to keep your working environment safe and secure.