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Geotech low-flow bladder pump – deep well applications


Geotech low-flow bladder pump – deep well applications

Geotech low-flow bladder pump – deep well applications

August 23, 2021

Finding the right pump to sample your deeper bores can often be a challenge, now ECO has a solution to assist your sampling in bores up to 205m deep.

The Geotech BP300 Controller uses accurate microprocessor controlled fill-discharge timers to sustain true low-flow sampling. The controller is equipped with high pressure valves and fine resolution regulators that can perform very well in deep-well applications.

ECO Environmental now has BP300 controllers and dedicated bladder pumps that can be utilised for sampling up to 205m. The controllers can be utilised with either compressors (customer supplied) or with compressed NO2 gas.  The ECO Environmental sampling kit comes complete with pump, all connection hoses and regulators and a stainless-steel safety cable.  ECO can also provide an optional drop-tube assembly to sample wells deeper than 205m.

This deep well pump complements our existing rental fleet of low flow pumps and is a cost effective way to sample deeper wells.  It also complements your own equipment which may not have the capacity needed for those ‘hard to sample’ deep wells.

As with all ECO’s products, we are happy to provide training on the BP300 controller and you have full access to our excellent technical support.