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ECO Environmental to distribute Praxis in Australia


ECO Environmental to distribute Praxis in Australia

ECO Environmental to distribute Praxis in Australia

October 12, 2021

ECO Environmental has partnered with South Coast Science to distribute Praxis ambient air quality monitors across Australia.

Real-time air quality data for real-world applications, across the globe

Through this partnership, South Coast Science (SCS) Praxis units will become part of ECO Environmental’s product offering to environmental and engineering consultancies, mining companies, local authorities, civil construction companies and more.

Praxis ambient monitors provide field tested & cost-effective equipment for particulate and gas measurements. South Coast Science’s open-source platform ensures customers get access to both the raw and corrected data, allowing users to do their own validation and incorporate the reporting into their existing systems however they wish. 

Flexible & Adaptable Air Quality Monitoring

“The SCS products are attractive as they complement our existing product offering across the dust and air monitoring sectors and across our different customer markets.  The SCS product is flexible and adaptable and will easily enable us to incorporate other monitoring products alongside SCS products, to provide robust, real-world solutions for our customers.”

Andrew Cooke, Managing Director ECO Environmental

For more information please contact David Johnson or Andrew Cooke.

To find out more about South Coast Science air quality monitoring products please visit