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Dedicated Bladder Pumps


Dedicated Bladder Pumps

Dedicated Bladder Pumps

August 08, 2022

Here’s a time savvy tip: Have you converted yet to dedicated bladder pumps? 

We’ve noticed a trend of late with customers now upgrading their low flow monitoring program to include wells mounted with dedicated Geotech bladder pumps. Imagine the ease, speed and cost savings in carting just a bladder pump controller between bores – the pump and tubing already mounted in-situ.   Imagine too reducing the risk of cross contamination between bores – decontamination no longer required since the pumps are not moving between bores. 

Featuring the same low flow bladder methodology, dedicated bladder pump options are available in both stainless steel and PVC options.   The maximum depth specs for PVC pumps with PTFE bladders is approximately 76m, with an optional drop tube assembly able to be attached for greater depth.  Full specs are available on our website.

A benefit of the dedicated stainless-steel pump is the depth rating to 305m when used with a high pressure Geotech BP controller.  Stainless steel bladder pumps with PTFE bladders are recommended by the US EPA and USGS for most groundwater purging and sampling, especially when used as dedicated pumps in monitoring wells.  A dedicated SS bladder pump is an EPA approved method for VOC collection.

Please reach out to your local ECO team member to discuss the time and cost saving benefits of dedicated Geotech bladder pumps, fitted well caps and tubing options.