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vanEssen Divers

vanEssen Divers



These fully automatic, easily programmed groundwater loggers allow measurements of water depth and temperature at selected time intervals with no wraparound programming – so data cannot be accidentally overridden. Logarithmic and event-based sampling regimes are also easily programmed into the Diver software (included). Once programmed and installed, the Diver remains out of sight suspended on either a stainless steel cable or direct read cable.


Registers the date, time, groundwater level and temperature for each measurement. With a memory of 72,000 measurements, this is the ideal Diver for long-term, accurate data collection.


The smallest diver able to accurately record groundwater levels and temperature, the Micro-Diver is designed for monitoring areas too small for larger dataloggers.


The CTD-Diver sets the standard for reliability and longevity in groundwater quality monitoring, including measurement of EC / conductivity. A fully stand-alone datalogger with built-in memory, battery and sensors, the CTD-Diver’s ceramic casing and unparalleled conductivity measuring range (0-120 mS/cm) make it suitable for use at every measuring site.


The ceramic Cera Diver is designed specifically for monitoring groundwater in potentially corrosive conditions, such as brackish water and seawater. Robust and durable, the Cera Diver is a perfect for mining areas where the groundwater and surface water may have high concentrations of acidity and metals due to dewatering.


The Baro Diver is designed to measure the atmospheric (barometric) pressure for a particular area in order to compensate the Diver range of Loggers.

When used in conjunction with either the Mini Diver, Micro Diver, Cera Diver or CTD Diver, the data collected is compensated using the DiverOffice software wizard to provide correct water level readings.

It is generally recommended that one BaroDiver per project area is used to collect barometric pressure data.

Recommended Accessories

  • BaroDiver Barometric Pressure Logger - For barometric compensation of data.
  • Diver Reader Unit and Software - For communication between Diver and PC.
  • Diver Data Cable (DDC) - For communication with the Diver directly from the top of the well (Also requires Comm Cable).

Technical Specifications

Specifications TD-Diver Micro-Diver Cera-Diver CTD-Diver Baro-Diver
Size 22mm x 110mm 18mm x 88mm 22mm x 90mm 22mm x 135mm 22mm x 110mm
Weight 104g 45g 50g 95g 104g
Sample rate 0.5 sec – 99 hours 1 sec – 99 hours 0.5 sec – 99 hours
Memory 72,000 measurements 48,000 measurements 72,000 measurements
- Housing Stainless steel 316L Stainless steel 316L Ceramic Ceramic Stainless steel 316L
- Sensor Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Platinum electrodes on ceramic carrier Ceramic
- Range -20 – 80°C
- Accuracy ±0.1°C
- Resolution 0.01°C
- Calibrated 0 – 50°C -10 – 50°C
Pressure Ranges 10mH₂0, 20mH₂0, 50mH₂0, 100mH₂0 10mH₂0, 50mH₂0, 100mH₂0 10mH₂0, 50mH₂0, 100mH₂0 1.5mH₂0
Battery Life Up to 10 years (depending on use)