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Sigma Waste Water Samplers

Sigma Waste Water Samplers



Sampling for regulatory compliance, monitoring or combined sewer overflows, storm water outfalls, biomonitoring and water quality research demand a sophisticated, reliable instrument. The Hach Sigma 900 series samplers are the best water samplers you can buy.

Designed to combine accuracy and convenience, the 900 Series Portable sampler, with an 11 litre (three-gallon) polyethylene bottle installed, weighs only 12 kilograms (28lbs).

This unique sampler is available with an interchangeable compact or standard sized base and can be quickly configured in the field for composite or discrete sampling. The efficient design and flip-up handles make carrying easy and the compact base model is specifically designed for use in 45cm (18”) manholes.

Portable Samplers take a lot of abuse in the field. But rest assured that the Sigma 900 Series Portable Sampler is rugged enough to take whatever the elements dish out. It features a tough, molded ABS exterior designed to be tough, and a tightly sealed controller that withstands humidity and hostile, corrosive environments. The controller conforms to NEMA 4X,6 standards (capable of withstanding hose spray and submersion under 1.8m (6ft) of water for a minimum of 30 minutes), isolating all electromechanical components while the keypad switches and display are covered by a waterproof, corrosion resistant membrane. The sealed connectors (even without capping) and pump shaft seal further protect the unit´s environmental integrity.

Once the sample is collected, it is kept cool within the double-walled insulated base. The compact base holds 4kg (8-1/2lbs) of ice with the twenty-four 575ml bottles in place, and the standard base holds 14.5kgs (32lbs) of ice with twenty-four 350ml glass bottles in place. The sampler´s light beige colour reflects sunlight helping the ice to last even longer.

In addition to sampling the Sigma MAX 900 also monitors flow, plus key parameters including pH, temperature, oxygen reduction potential, dissolved oxygen and/or conductivity. Should any parameter exceed user-defined limits, a sample may be immediately collected. And the MAX even delivers any out-of- limits sample to one or more designated "Trouble Bottles". This helps you quickly determine the problem source.

Features & Benefits

  • Battery or A/C Powered.
  • Single or multiple bottles.
  • Highest Sample Integrity for data you can count on.
  • Simple to understand, efficient to use.
  • Small and lightweight, handling is made easy.
  • Built to last with rugged construction with a sealed controller.


  • NPDES Storm Water Compliance.
  • Pretreatment Compliance.
  • Storm Water Runoff Monitoring.
  • CSO (combined sewer overflow) Monitoring.
  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring.
  • Water Quality Research.

Technical Specifications

Refer to the Product Brochure (Download below)