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Micropurge Lowflow Kit

Micropurge Lowflow Kit

Low flow groundwater sampling


The MicroPurge® MP10 Controller  revolutionizes low-flow ground water sampling with advanced logic control of purge flow and well drawdown. Simple up-down arrow keys increase and decrease purge flow to meet low-flow requirements. Once optimized, settings can be easily recalled in the next round of sampling.

The Sample Pro® Portable MicroPurge Pump is the first pump developed specifically to bring the advantages of low-flow sampling to sites where groundwater samples are collected from many monitoring wells with the same pump.

The Sample Pro Pump is easy to disassemble, without any tools, and simple to clean to eliminate any potential cross contamination. That includes the exclusive Sample Pro disposable bladder, which snaps in and out without any clamps, so they can be discarded after each well is sampled.

The Sample Pro pump is available in two diameters: 1.75" (4.45cm) to fit in 2" (50mm) monitoring wells or larger; and 3/4" (1.91 cm) to fit small diameter wells and direct-push boreholes. Both pump models are capable of pumping from depths up to 200 feet (61m).

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged, reliable, complete system designed for easy use in the field.
  • Simple arrow keys to adjust low-flow rates easily and repeatably, using a micro-processor to re-create the flow adjustment strategies used by experienced ground water samplers.
  • Quick 1/4 turn disassembly with no tools means simple, fast and complete field cleaning. Disposable bladders and push-in tubing replace in seconds, speeding you on to the next well.
  • Exclusive Sample Pro disposable bladder is quick & easy to replace in the field, for fast cleaning.
  • Solid stainless steel construction is truly durable, with no motors, bearings, or impellers to go bad. Even if the pump fills with silt, it can be put into action again with a quick, simple cleaning. Output pressure is strong and controllable.
  • The only sampling pump that minimizes turbidity and silting caused by the well surging of other devices such as bailers and jerk samplers, and collects quality samples from small diameter wells at significant savings.
  • The proven reliability and durability leader - weatherproof controls are housed in a rugged, compact 27 x 25 x 13 cm case.
  • Multi-mode digital control includes MicroPurge Mode, ID Mode for repeat events, and manual control.
  • Full digital display of all setting and status information

Technical Specifications

Product Specifications Controller 3/4″ Pump 1-3/4″ Pump
Weight 2.5kg (5.5lbs) 0.23g (0.5lbs) 1.93kg (4.25lbs)
Height 270mm (10-3/4") 273mm (10-3/4") with Push-In Fittings
233mm (9.18") from bottom of pump to centreline of inlet
375mm (14-3/4") with Push-In Fittings
307mm (12.1")from bottom of pump to centreline of inlet
419mm (16.5") with Compression Fittings
Width 250mm (9-3/4") 19mm (0.75") Outside Diameter 47mm (1.75") Outside Diameter
Depth 130mm (5")
Material Structural Resin 316 Stainless Steel
303 Stainless Steel Inlet,Discharge & Head
Polyethylene Bladder
Viton® O-rings
316 Stainless Steel
303 Stainless Steel Inlet,Discharge & Head
Polyethylene Bladder
Viton® O-rings
Fitting Type Push-in Fitting w/ 316 Stainless Steel Grab Plate
3.2mm (1/8") Air Fitting OD
6.4mm (1/4") Fluid Discharge OD
Push-in Fitting w/ 316 Stainless Steel Grab Plate
6.4mm (1/4") Air Fitting OD
6.4mm (1/4") or 9.5mm (3/8") Fluid Discharge OD
Power 3 "AA" batteries
Battery Life: @ 21°C (70°F) 50,000 Cycles
Max. Pressure: psi (kPa) 120 (827.5)
Max. Pump Depth: m (ft.) 76 (250) 61 (200) 61 (200)
Operating Temperature: C (F) -29°- 66° (-20°-150°)