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Heron Conductivity Plus

Heron Conductivity Plus



The Conductivity Plus Level and Temperature Meter enables accurate measurements of conductivity, water level and temperature in wells, boreholes, stand pipes and open bodies of water. The Conductivity Plus can be used to profile conductivity and temperature to depths of 1000ft (300m).

Features & Benefits

  • Low Cost
  • Superior Tape
  • Four Electrode Configurations
  • Padded carrying bag included
  • Lengths available to 1000ft (300m)


  • Water Quality Monitoring

Technical Specifications

Conductivity Plus Electronic Module Specifications:

The Conductivity Plus electronic module houses an LCD screen which displays conductivity values up to 80,000 micro Siemens, and a temperature range from -20˚C to +85˚C. A super bright red LED and an 80dB buzzer are also housed in the module. The electronics are based on A/C current. This helps prevent probe corrosion and fouling. The Electronics are protected from dust and moisture by an epoxy based conformal coating. The unit is powered by a single 9v battery also mounted on the module.

Conductivity Plus Probe Specifications:

The Conductivity Plus probe utilises a four electrode system comprising of two arrays of a single electrode within a concentric electrode. Each array reverses its polarity 1000 times per second. This system drastically reduces electrode corrosion ensuring reproducible readings. Water level is sensed when the probe passes from a non conductive medium (air) to a conductive medium (water @ more than 10 m.s.) The Probe is 0.75in diameter x 8.0in long (19mm x 203mm).

Conductivity Measurements:

The Conductivity Plus meter is standardised against standard conductivity solutions at 25˚C. The meter measures the temperature and automatically converts readings to specific conductivity values. The conductance temperature coefficient is 2.0% Calibration is easy, using readily available 1413μs solution. The auto off facility activates after five minutes of zero conductivity profiling.

Temperature Measurement Specifications:

The Conductivity Plus will withstand and measure temperatures to +85˚C. The temperature range is -20˚C to +85˚C. The temperature is displayed on the LCD screen on the electronic module. A response time of approximately 10 seconds allows for temperature stabilisation. The auto off facility activates after five minutes of zero temperature profiling.