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The Heron dipperLog is a brand new low cost groundwater logger designed to continuously monitoring water levels in groundwater monitoring wells, tanks and open bodies of water. Its small size allows the Heron dipperLog to be used in well diameters as small as 25mm. The newly redesigned dipperLog also features a marine grade Stainless Steel  housing, which makes it resistant to saline or corrosive water conditions.

The Heron dipperLog is a durable & reliable ground water data logger. It is easy to install, easy to programme and even easier to download data. Used in conjunction with a bar-log barometric logger (optional) the Heron dipperLog does it all for you. There is no need to open separate files and there is no requirement for elevation correction. Used at sea level of on a mountain to, the Heron dipperLog is spot on every time.

Features & Benefits

  • Small size allows dipperLog to be used in well diameters down to 25mm.
  • Programmable to take readings from 1 sec to 255 hours.
  • Stores up to 32,000 readings, water depth and temperature.
  • Measures in both meters and feet.
  • Upload onto PC using Windows based software.
  • Programmable time, interval and prestart date.
  • Accurate to 0.05% full scale.
  • Casing size of 22.5mm (0.875 inch) diameter by 100mm (4”) long.
  • Various range available: 10m, 30m, 60m & 120m.
  • Top of casing fitting allows direct read from surface leaving probe insitu.
  • Battery life span of approximately 7 years (at 5 min readings).
  • 1 Year limited warranty.


  • Unattended monitoring of groundwater in environmental monitoring wells.
  • Tank pressure testing, Slug Tests and Pump Tests.

Technical Specifications

Refer to Product Brochure (Download below)

Optional Extras

  • Bar-log for barometric compensation.
  • Dipper-log on a reel.
  • Serial RS232 to USB converter.