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ORS Filter Bucket

ORS Filter Bucket



The ORS Filter Bucket™ is an independently floating passive hydrocarbon skimmer that is equipped with a visual alarm to indicate when the bucket is full.
The heart of the system is a floating cartridge that recovers product for storage in an integral 2 litre reservoir.

Actual separation of product from water is carried out by a mesh screen located in the cartridge. This screen is specially treated to pass oil and repel water.

Technical Specifications

As product passes through the cartridge, it passes into one of the two hoses and is gravity fed through the bucket wall and through a small check valve. When the cover of the bucket is removed, product can be seen flowing into the bucket. The rate of flow into the ORS Filter Bucket™ is dependent upon the viscosity of the product and the thickness of the slick.

As product accumulates in the reservoir, the ORS Filter Bucket™ will ride lower in the water. At the same time, the product level indicator shaft will be extended through the lid of the bucket. The ORS Filter Bucket™ is designed so that the reservoir will cease taking on product just as the cartridge contacts the bucket handle.