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Ecospill Kits

Ecospill Kits


ECO Environmental are proud to introduce the new Ecospill range of quality spill kits, spill containment products, floor bunding, safety cabinets and many other products.

Ecospill allows you to safely handle, store and use hazardous chemicals while meeting your environmental obligations. The Ecospill kits are perfect for mining companies who have a genuine focus on environmental health and safety.

Features & Benefits

  • Australian owned and operated.
  • All items can be purchased individually.
  • Scheduled restocking by our staff where required.


  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Workshops
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Petrol Stations

Products Available


Spill Kits

Ecospill offer a wide range of Hydrocarbon, chemical, marine and general purpose spill kits to suit every application. They vary in sizes from small 20L carry bags to 400L portable trailers and stations.

Each kit contains a range of absorbents, booms, mats, gloves and disposal information to suit the application. We can even customise a spill kit to your exact requirements.


Ecospill have a complete range of Absorbent Products to help clean up fuel, oil, chemical and toxic liquid spills. Including EcoSweep a natural, organic, bio-active absorbent that quickly absorbs a range of liquid spills.

Plus the always popular Snow, a re-usable, multi-purpose, super absorbent powder suitable for fuel, oil, chemical, paint, mineral and vegetable liquid spills.



The exciting new Earthsorb™ range of sorbent products have arrived. Available in a range of mats and rolls, the Earthsorb sorbents are made from organic, recycled and renewable materials. These environmentally friendly sorbents help reduce dependency on oil, thus lowering our environmental impact.

Unlike anything else on the market today, Earthsorb™ laminated sorbents offer outstanding absorbency and durability at an unheard of value, performing up to 20% - 40% better than industry standard oil-based sorbents!

Containment Booms and Land Socks

Containment Booms, also commonly known as Land Socks, Booms and Floating Booms are an essential part of spill response and control. Containment Booms are placed around the perimeter of the spill, in order to contain the liquid spilled and therefore stop its spread.

Once correctly deployed, Land Socks, Booms and Floating Booms provide secure spill containment, allowing you time to then carry out spill clean-up with Absorbent Powders or Absorbent Mats etc.


Spill Containment Accessories

Proper Spill Containment isn’t only about protecting the environment, it’s also about personal safety, by helping to minimise the incidence of dangerous liquid spills. That’s why we offer a complete range of Spill Containment Pallets and Systems, ranging from: Two, Three and Four Drum Containment Pallets; Stainless Steel/Galvanised IBC Containment Pallets; Accumulation Centres; Drum Management Systems; Drum Caddies; through to fully portable options such as Portable Spill Mats and Floor Bunding Systems.