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OilScreenSoil® Test Kit

OilScreenSoil® Test Kit



OilScreenSoil® Indigo Blue was developed in response to a request for a kit that will identify the presence of petroleum products in petroleum contaminated soil, sand and gravel. In order to provide a maximum visual contrast against dark or red soils this kit stains hydrocarbons and oils a bright royal blue color.

How to use
  1. Fill soil to 1/2 full
  2. Fill water to 3/4 full
  3. Shake.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast, reliable, easy to use and inexpencive field monitoring tool
  • Detects virtually all oil down to 500ppm of TPH
  • Can be used after a couple of minutes training.


  • Checking for leaks from above ground storage tanks into soil
  • Checking for leaks from equipment into soil
  • Checking for leaks from utility transformers into soil
  • Detecting perimeters, depths and directions of oil spills in soil
  • Detecting oil leaks in sumps near tanks
  • Detecting chemicals at Dry Cleaner Remediation sites

How Does OilScreenSoil® Indigo Blue work?

Suspected petroleum or DNAPL contaminated soil is added to the sample bottle, to which potable water is also added and the contents shaken vigorously. A rapidly dissolving cube is attached to the cap. The cube has a blue water soluble dye disbursed though out its surface.

The blue dye highlights petroleum products or DNAPL by turning them a bright blue. When free petroleum floats to the surface it attaches to an EPS bead that is supplied with the kit and/or attaches to the walls of the container. From concentrations below about 2,500ppm to the limit of detection (which is about 500ppm) the EPS bead will turn a pale bluish shade. At very low concentrations we suggest using a used kit as a comparison for the colour depth of the EPS bead as the color change may be slight.


  • OilScreenSoil does not replace quantitative field screening tests.
  • Esters (detergents) are the only “known” substance to interfere with the dye’s ability to stain petroleum hydrocarbon products. This may be applicable when screening for Ester based (i.e. synthetic) motor oils.