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Casella Apex2 Personal Sampling Pump

Casella Apex2 Personal Sampling Pump



Whatever media you’re using, you can be assured that the Apex2 personal sampling pump has the power to handle any personal monitoring regime. Optimised at around 2l/min, the flow at which most Occupational Hygiene measurements are made, the Apex2 personal sampling pump has outstanding back pressure capability.

The Apex2 personal sampling pump has high performing Li Ion batteries and an intelligent battery life indicator letting you know exactly how much charge you have left.

The Apex2 pump has a slim, ergonomic design meaning it is less obtrusive to the wearer allowing them to carry on with their job whilst being monitored. A sturdy clip with a lifetime guarantee means it’s secure and the detachable rubber boot guards against knocks. The pump is also ingress resistant to IP65 so it can be used in harsh environments.

The Apex2 personal sampling pump has some additional great features to make your life easier too – a motion detector that lets you know that the pump is being worn so you can be sure your sample is a valid one and with a fault detector and automatic restart too you can have total confidence in your results. There is a user lock to avoid any interference during a run and a highly visible status indicator gives you peace of mind. To enable easier sampling, you also have the ability to set timers and programmes in the Plus and Pro models. And if you need a grab sample there’s a bag outlet to easily collect these.

All models of the Apex2 are Intrinsically Safe (IECEx). The Apex2 has been designed specifically to be used in potentially explosive areas in the oil and gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as being suitable for use in the mining industry.

Features & Benefits



  • Heating and cooling coil analysis
  • Diffuser and grille measurements
  • Fume hood face velocity tests
  • Indoor air quality tests
  • Filter face velocity measurements

Technical Specifications

Flow Performance
Flow Range ml/min 800 to 5000
Low Flow Range ml/min 5 to 500 (requires an adaptor)
Flow Control < ± 5% at calibrated point
Pulsation < 10% at 2 l/min
Fault Detector Detects blockages with a selectable number of automatic restarts up to 15 times
Display Colour OLED
Controls 4 buttons
Status Indicators Red / Blue LED
Dimensions 112 x 37 x 102mm (4.41 x 1.46 x 4.02 inches)
Weight 490g (including boot)
Temperature Operation, 0 to 45°C (for IS Certification -20 to 45°C); Storage, -10 to 50°C
Humidity 30 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Barometric Pressure Auto-correcting
Battery Type Li Ion
Battery Level Indicator Yes
Battery Life >9 hours
Chargers Single or 5-way
Charge Time Typically < 6 hours
Compliance EN1232 Compliant
ISO 13137 Compliant
Ingress Protections: IP65

Typical Battery Life

Flow Rate Back Pressure
5.0 l/min 10" (25cm) H₂0 for 8 hours
4" (10cm) H₂0 for 18 hours
4.0 l/min 28" (70cm) H₂0 for 8 hours
16" (40cm) H₂0 for 15 hours
3.0 l/min 39" (100cm) H₂0 for 10 hours
20" (50cm) H₂0 for 15 hours
2.0 l/min 59" (150cm) H₂0 for 10 hours
39" (100cm) H₂0 for 15 hours
20" (50cm) H₂0 for 25 hours
1.0 l/min 79" (200cm) H₂0 for 12 hours
20" (50cm) H₂0 for 35 hours