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Stainless Steel Bailer

Stainless Steel Bailer



Tired of waiting for a disposable bailer to sink into the water column? Our range of reusable Stainless Steel Bailers are the answer! Australian made, these Stainless Steel Bailers come in either a 38mm or a 45mm diameter and are perfect for sampling from 50mm monitoring wells. They have a removable (screw on/off) bottom check valve allowing the user to quickly and easily decontaminate to bailer interior.

Also known as Point Source Bailers, models with a double check valve design (top and bottom) are also available. Also made from Stainless Steel, these models allow the user to lower the bailer through the water column to a desired depth. When upward force is applied, the double check valve design prevents water entering or escaping from the bailer ensuring a water sample from the specific depth is obtained.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless Steel construction for easy decontamination between monitoring wells.
  • Will not ‘float' on water surface.
  • Double check valve models available for discrete interval sampling.
  • Simply add a stainless check ball to use your bailer as a 'sludger' to remove sludge from the bottom of wells.


  • Sampling of groundwater in environmental monitoring wells.
  • Open water and down hole column profiling.
  • Removing sludge from the bottom of monitoring wells.

Technical Specifications

Model Description
DBAIL3810SSR Single Check Valve (38mm Diameter), 2.3kg
DBAIL4510SSR Single Check Valve (45mm Diameter), 3.3kg
DBAIL3810SSR2B Double Check Valve (38mm Diameter), 4.3kg
DBAIL4510SSR2B Double Check Valve (45mm Diameter), 5.3kg

Optional Extras

  • Decon 90 - Decontamination Solution.
  • Bailer Reels with stainless steel cable easily hook onto the side of wells, allowing you to safely deploy your bailer.
  • Stainless Steel Check Balls