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Hydroline Filters

Hydroline Filters



Why use Hydroline Groundwater Filters? Because filtering metals in the field is important. The Hydroline Groundwater Filter takes the guess work out of selecting a filter. It is packed with either a massive 800cm2 or a 500cm2 filter membrane allowing quick filtration in the field. The 0.45 micron filter can handle the most turbid of samples and are sold exclusively by ECO Environmental.

All Hydroline Groundwater Filters are tested through an independent certified national lab. The lab performs clean rinse analysis using ultra pure de-ionized and distilled water base that passes through the filter affluent. The analysis methods are conducted by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (XRF) / Inter-coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry (ICP / MS). Limit Of Detection (LOD) in parts per billion (ppb-µg/L).

Features & Benefits

  • Each Hydroline™ 500cm2 or 800cm2 filter is batch tested and individually labeled for optimum traceability.
  • Each Hydroline™ 500cm2 or 800cm2 filter is vacuum sealed with a heavy-duty 4mm bag – then double bagged in heavy-duty 4mm packaging for optimum sample security.
  • Each filter capsule is manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene and features a universal inlet providing both a 3/8”OD threaded nipple and ½” OD barb fitting.
  • Max Operating Pressure: 60 psi
  • Fitlers will gravity feed when attached to the ECO Bailer Pro where turbidity is low.


  • Filtering of groundwater and other water bodies.
  • Field filtering of metals in the field.

Technical Specifications

Product Specifications Description
Pore size 0.45u
Filter Area 500cm2 or 800cm2
Length 80mm
Diameter 75mm
Membrane Material Polyethersulphone ( PES )