Environmental enclosure Oct 2012

ECO is one of Australia’s largest providers of environmental monitoring equipment and supplies.  ECO is proud to have been appointed Australian distributors for a range of nationally and internationally accepted brand names and products across a wide range of disciplines including surface and groundwater monitoring, dust and air monitoring and gas monitoring and detection. ECO prides itself on providing the best equipment, at the best price and with the best service available.

At ECO we have an extensive range of environmental equipment available for rental and we are constantly adding new rental equipment to our rental fleet based on input from our customers. Talk to us about your field requirements – whatever your situation, whatever the application, we are happy to work with you. We also service and repair most of the equipment that we provide.

ECO offer daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly rental rates. We offer same day delivery on all Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane metropolitan orders and an overnight service to all other Australian capital cities and regional areas depending on product size, weight and availability.

Low Flow Sampling….

Low flow sampling is the process of monitoring and sampling from a well at a flow rate below its recharge capacity, whilst simultaneously measuring drawdown and physio-chemical properties. This should ensure direct recharge water is sampled without the need to purge three to five well volumes.

Temporary Field Staff….

At ECO we realise that finding the right field technician can be difficult. If you are like most environmental consultancies in Perth, you have too much work and not enough staff. There just isn’t enough qualified field technicians to be found! ECO are pleased to announce a new service to the environmental consultant industry – ECO Field Services.

Hydroline Groundwater Filter….

The Hydroline Groundwater Filter takes the guess work out of selecting a filter. It is packed with a massive 800cm2 filter membrane allowing quick filtration in the field. The 0.45 micron filter can handle the most turbid of samples and are sold exclusively by ECO Environmental.

12 Volt Groundwater Pumps….

Our range of 12 volt groundwater pumps are capable of pumping from 60m. The convenience of 12 volt power and the field rugged design make these pumps the pump of choice for many environmental scientists. Designed for both continuous sampling or groundwater purging, these pumps can run dry for up to two hours and can pass sand, small rocks and debris without getting clogged.