Water Monitoring

ECO’s range of water sampling equipment will cover all your groundwater and surface water monitoring requirements as well as a range of open water sampling equipment. We have a complete range of pumps, water level meters and multi-parameter water quality meters that are suitable for all needs.

Water Quality Meters

The best in handheld portable and multi-parameter meters, ph test kits; pocket testers & marine-turbidity-loggers.

EXO1 Sonde
Hanna 9828 / 9829
YSI ProPlus
TPS WP Series
TPS 90 Series
Hanna Portable Series
YSI EcoSense Hand Held Series
Hanna Pocket Testers
Hanna Test Kits
Eco NTU Marine Turbidity Logger

Surface & Open Water Samplers

A range of samplers for specific types of water sampling requirements

Van Dorn Sampler
Sigma Waste Water Samplers
ECO Telescopic Sampler

Groundwater Samplers & Pumps

A range of high and low-flow pumps and other sampling products to cover the full range of bore and open water pumping and sampling

Hydrasleeve Water Samplers
Micropurge Lowflow Kit
Geotech Low Flow Bladder Pump
Geotech SS Geosub
Proactive 12v Groundwater Pumps - Plastic
Proactive 12v Groundwater Pumps – Stainless Steel
Geotech Peristaltic Pump
Pegasus Athena Mini Peristaltic Pump
Waterra Powerpack
Waterra Hand Lever Pump
Snap Sampler

Water Level Meters

For reliable and accurate measurement of groundwater levels, our Water Level Meters come in a full range of lengths to suit your needs

Heron Dipper-T2
Solinst 101 Water Level Meter
Heron Little Dipper2
Solinst 102 Water Level Meter
Heron Conductivity Plus Level + Temp Meter
Solinst 103 Tagline
Heron Water Tape

Oil-Water Interface Meters

For reliable and accurate measurement of thickness of any hydrocarbon layer in groundwater

Heron Interface Meter
Heron Mini Interface Meter

Groundwater Loggers

A range of groundwater loggers for measurements of depth, water level and electrical conductivity. These can be connected to remote monitoring stations

vanEssen Divers
Heron dipperLog

Groundwater Consumables - Bailers

Available in 38mm and 18mm options for well sampling.

ECO Bailer Pro
Stainless Steel Bailer

Groundwater Consumables - Filters

A range of filters are available for all your sampling requirements

Hydroline Filter
Geotech Filters
Luer Lock Filters & Syringes
Nalgene Filter Flasks
Inline Filter Holder

Groundwater Consumables - Pump Accessories

Waterra Foot Valves
Tubing, Bladders & Pump Accessories

Remote Monitoring

Our monitoring stations can be used with a range of monitoring sensors including dust, noise, vibration, weather, gas detection and groundwater.

Solar Powered Remote Monitoring