MiniRAE 2000 - Rental only

Please note the MiniRAE2000 is only available for hire, it's no longer manufactured. For current VOC detectors available for purchase please see the MiniRAE 3000.


The rugged MiniRAE 2000 is the smallest pumped handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor on the market. Its Photoionization Detector's (PID) extended range of 0-10,000ppm make it an ideal instrument for environmental monitoring applications such as confined space entry, leak detection in underground storage tanks (UST's) and above ground storage tanks (AST's), emergency spill response situations, measurement of soil gas vapour, indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring and for general surveying.

Features & Benefits

  • The patented 3D sensor provides 3 second response up to 10,000 ppm and sets a new standard for resistance to moisture and dirt.
  • The patented self-cleaning lamp and sensor minimize the need for maintenance and calibration.
  • With over 100 Correction Factors built into the MiniRAE 2000's memory and the largest printed list of Correction Factors (pdf) in the world (300+), RAE Systems offers the ability to accurately measure more ionizable chemicals than any other PID When a gas is selected from MiniRAE 2000's library its alarm points are automatically loaded into the meter.
  • Large easy to read, backlit LCD screens make the MiniRAE 2000 easy to use for simple applications and flexible enough for sophisticated options. Large keys allow the unit to be operable even with 3 layers of gloves.
  • The standard rubber boot helps assure that the MiniRAE 2000 survives the bumps and knocks of tough field use.
  • Strong, built-in sample pump draws up to 30m (100ft) horizontally or vertically.
  • Stores up to 267 hours of data at one minute intervals for download to a PC (with the optional datalogging)


  • Soil and water headspace analysis.
  • Leaking underground storage tanks.
  • Perimeter fence line monitoring.
  • Fugitive emissions (USEPA Method 21).
  • Vapor recovery breakthrough.
  • Landfill monitoring.
  • Initial PPE (personal protective equipment) assessment.
  • Leak detection.
  • Perimeter establishment and maintenance.
  • Spill delineation.
  • Decontamination.
  • Remediation.
  • Confined space entry.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
  • Worker exposure studies.

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