Inspectra Laser Methane Detector


The Inspectra Laser is a high-performance methane detector that uses a laser diode to specifically detect methane down to levels of 1ppm. This device meets ATEX standards for use in explosive areas and provides precise and accurate findings when detecting methane leaks.

The Inspectra Laser includes 2 measurement scales – either PPM or % gas volume and displays both scales simultaneously and is supplied fully calibrated with carry case and sampling rod

Features & Benefits

  • 1ppm sensitivity
  • Instant response time
  • Total selectivity to methane
  • Measurement range extending from 1ppm to 100% volume gas
  • Automatic self-test at start-up
  • Wide backlit LCD screen
  • Choice of measurement modes – absolute concentration or relative concentration (running mean)
  • Long autonomy: approx. 8 hours @ 20 degree C


  • Landfill site investigation
  • Contaminated land site investigations
  • Biogas sites

ECO Environmental now offers the Inspectra Laser methane gas detector for hire. The Inspectra Laser is a methane-specific monitoring device which is ATEX rated and can detect from as low as 1ppm.More...