ECO has a range of portable gas detection equipment available for every situation. From confined space gas monitors to landfill gas detectors and specific methane leak detectors, please contact ECO for all your portable gas detection requirements.


Portable PID monitors for the detection of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) in the air.

BW GasAlert Micro5 PID
MiniRAE 3000
MiniRAE Lite

Multi-Gas Detectors

Single and multi-gas detectors, including LEL, for all monitoring and detection requirements.

GasAlertMax XT II
BW GasAlertMicro 5-Gas Detector

Landfill Gas Detectors

Portable detectors for monitoring and analysing gas content in landfills and contaminated sites.

AmbiSense Gasflux Meter
GFM400 Series Landfill Gas Detector

Inspectra Laser Methane Detector

ATEX certified portable methane leak detector.

Inspectra Laser Methane Detector

Calibration Gas Regulators

Calibration Gas & Regulators