SKC XR5000 Sampling Pump


With its wide flow range of 5 to 5000 ml/min, the XR5000 is the best choice for most air sampling applications. For greater worker acceptance, the XR5000 is lightweight and portable. The XR5000 air sampling pump is outfitted with a rugged impact-resistant RFI/EMI-shielded case with removable battery pack. Shielding protects the air flow from outside interference ensuring accurate air volumes and data validity; covers protect battery charging jack and computer interface port; CE-approved.

Features & Benefits

  • Extended flow to 5000 ml/min
    • Suitable for low flow gas/vapor or high flow particulate sampling
  • Enhanced battery power for extended run times
  • Extended backpressure capabilities
    • Up to 50 inches water at 2 L/min
  • Patented, highly accurate isothermal flow control system
  • Extremely simple to use
    • Easy-to-use three-button keypad
    • Set-and-go timer for timed and delayed runs to 9999 minutes
    • Continuous run with the touch of a button
    • Large LCD displays elapsed time and accumulated run time
    • Bright blue status LED
  • Automatic features for sample integrity
    • Flow correction for changes in temperature
    • Lockable keypad
    • Flow fault indicator
    • Auto-restart from flow fault
    • Accumulated run time display
    • Battery status indicator
  • Three interchangeable battery options
    • High-power Li-Ion for extended runs
    • Standard Li-Ion for lighter weight
    • Disposable AA alkaline batteries for fast emergency response
  • Standard model weighs only 16 ounces (454 grams)
  • Li-Ion models UL Listed for intrinsic safety
  • CE marked
  • The first RoHS compliant sample pump!
    • Components meet Euro directive for reduction of hazardous substances (including lead) to support green initiatives


  • Personal exposure monitoring/IH studies
  • Ambient/work area monitoring
  • Environmental sampling
  • Epidemiology health studies
  • Engineering studies
  • Asbestos monitoring
  • Fenceline Studies

Technical Specifications

Product Specifications Description
Flow Control Accuracy ± 5% of set-point after calibration to desired flow
Timing Accuracy 1 min/mo at 25°C
Typical Run Time Li-Ion battery: ± 20 hrs (see table on reverse)
Charger: Extended runs when attached to charger
Charge Time (varies with capacity and level of charge) Standard 2-cell Li-Ion: Approximately 4 hrs (with approved charger)
High-power 4-cell Li-Ion: Approximately 8 hrs (with approved charger)
Temperature Range Operating: 32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C)
Charging: 32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C)
Storage: -4 to 95°F (-20 to 35°C)
Timer Display Range 1 to 9999 min (6.8 days); display rolls over to 0 upon reaching 9999 min
Auto-off After 5 min of inactivity
Flow Fault After 15 sec, pump stops, holds run time display, and displays fault icon. After 15 sec in fault, auto-restart is attempted every 15 sec up to 5 times
Low Battery Fault 15 sec to sleep


We also sell a large range of sampling media and accessories to suit the SKC sampling pumps. This includes SKC Coated Filters, Particulate Samplers and Pump Accessories.

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