Dust & Air Monitoring

ECO has significant expertise in provision of dust monitoring equipment including real-time monitoring. We can provide monitoring for PM10 as well as respirable particulates and also provide high-volume samplers where specific gravimetric analysis is required.

DustTrak Aerosol Monitors

Accurate real-time dust monitoring equipment for all environmental and civil construction needs. These are often used in conjunction with ECO's remote monitoring stations

DustTrak 8530 & 8532 Aerosol Dust Monitors
DustTrak 8535 Environmental Enclosure

Air Quality Meters

Indoor air quality meters for occupational hygiene

VelociCalc – Advanced Multi-Function Anemometers
VelociCalc - Rotating Vane Anemometer
IAQ-Calc Indoor Air Quality Meter
Q-Trak Indoor Air Quality Meter

ECO Dust Monitoring Station – Solar Powered Remote Telemetry

The ECO Dust Monitoring Station is your cost-effective solution for real-time air quality monitoring.

ECO Dust Monitoring Station

Remote Monitoring

Our monitoring stations can be used with a range of monitoring sensors including dust, noise, vibration, weather, gas detection and groundwater.

Solar Powered Remote Monitoring

Personal Sampling Pumps

Personal sampling pumps for occupational hygiene uses as well as boundry monitoring for asbestos

SKC AirChek 52
SKC PCXR8 Universal Sampling Pump
Casella Apex2 Personal Sampling Pump
Flow Detective Air Flow Calibrator

Weather Stations

ECO provides weather stations for remote data access as well as stand-alone systems

Weather Station

High Volume Air Samplers

For use when full gravimetric analysis is required, has either PM10 or TSP heads

High Volume Air Samplers

Diesel Particulate Monitors

Diesel Particulate Monitors

Respirator Fit Testers

Easy to use quantitative mask fit tester for all worksites

PortaCount Pro+ 8038

Dust Deposition Gauge

ECO's easy to use dust deposition gauge for baseline monitoring

Dust Deposition Gauge

Sampling Media & Accessories

A full range of sampling accessories and filter media for your personal sampling pumps

SKC Particulate Sampling
SKC Sampling Pump Accessories