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ECO Bailer Pro


The EcoBailer Pro is designed to sink rapidly through a groundwater column. Its bigmouth design creates less drag on decent ensuring reduced well disturbance, mixing and turbidity.

Using the ECO Bailer Pro, Environmental Scientists can now get more accurate samples and spend less time bailing.

Want more reasons to choose the ECO Bailer Pro?

Consider the following:

  • New hydrodynamic design and wider spout opening enables superfast sink rate while minimizing Dissolved Oxygen in your well sample.
  • New easy to handle emptying device allows more accurate control of liquid flow into sample bottle.
  • New pour spout and ball retainer allows easy pouring from top of bailer.
  • Each bailer cleaned to US EPA standards and individually packaged.

Features & Benefits

  • Clean and disposable needing no decontamination.
  • PVC naturally sinks in water due to its specific gravity relative to water.
  • No weights to restrict flow of sample entering and exiting bailer.
  • PVC is very ridged, stays straight, never bending or distorting under normal care.
  • The PVC material is transparent and assists in field sampling.

Models Available

Description Dimensions
ECO Point Source Bailer 38mm x 1m
ECO Hydrocarbon Recovery Bailer 38mm x 1m
ECO Poly HDPE Bailer 38mm x 1m
ECO Teflon Bailer 38mm x 1m
ECO Skinny Bailer 18mm x 1m
ECO Skinny Bailer 11mm x 1m

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