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Snap Sampler

Snap Sampler



The Snap Sampler--a passive groundwater sampling system that saves money and improves data quality.

Why is passive, "no-purge" sampling with the Snap Sampler such a "Snap?"

Passive sampling relies on natural flow-through in the well and "passive" re-equilibration between the well and aquifer before collecting samples. No water is pumped from the well, so you don't need pumping equipment or heavy waste containers. Sampling takes ~15 minutes per well and you have virtually no logistics for equipment--you really don't even need a truck. That's why sampling with the Snap is a Snap.

The Snap Sampler takes "passive" a step further by sealing the sample in situ--eliminating the pour step at the well head. As a result, Snap Samples are truer to the condition of the sample while it is still in the well. You don't add artifacts from pouring under variable weather conditions, seasons, or the technique of the field sampler.

Take a look at the Snap Sampler 3 minute demo video to see what all the fuss is about.

Features & Benefits

  • All critical actions take place submerged in the well. Avoid heat, wind, rain, surface contamination, or off-gassing losses.
  • Variations in site conditions from season-to-season or changes in personnel from event-to-event do not affect the sample collection process.
  • No-Pump, No-Pour groundwater sampling is faster and generates No purge water waste.
  • There is no heavy equipment to carry and no drums to move or dispose.
  • Easier and faster than well purge methods.
  • Passive sampling without analyte limitations. Test MTBE, MEK, SVOCs, and metals.
  • Passive, no-purge sampling is gaining acceptance and is recognized as a major money saver!
  • Limited tools needed.
  • Fewer sources of variability.
  • Improved sampling consistency.
  • Quicker determination of monitored natural attenuation or remedial effectiveness.
  • Reduce time to collect each sample to as little as 10 minutes.
  • Eliminate most major equipment needs--no pump, no pump controller, no generator, no flow-through cell, and no purge waste containers.
  • Deploy next quarter's samplers during the same mobilization.


  • Groundwater sampling, particularly useful for trace metals and VOC's.
  • Multi-level and profiling applications.