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ECO NTU Marine Turbidity Logger

ECO NTU Marine Turbidity Logger



The ECO NTU specialised turbidity loggers incorporate a practical set of options with a single basic design to make them ideal for a wide variety of deployments. This includes remote marine applications such as dredging projects where weekly maintenance and data retrieval is not an option. By incorporating an optional internal battery pack, and the unique Bio-wiper anti-fouling device, the ECO NTU is able to be deployed confidently using remote telemetry for weeks at a time.

This system has been tried and tested in northern WA applications where sensor fouling can be a big problem. If you are looking to save money and most importantly invest in reliable Turbidity data, you need the ECO NTU Marine Turbidity Logger. Please call your ECO respresentative for more information on this produt and our telemetry options.

Features & Benefits

  • Unparalleled sensitivity of the ECO in an optical scattering measurement at 700 nm for determining turbidity.
  • Turbidity measurement data that is not affected by CDOM concentration, unlike instruments that attempt to measure turbidity by using blue wavelengths.
  • The option of analog output for easy integration into CTD packages.
  • Excellent precision, reliability and overall performance at a fraction of the cost and size of similar instruments.


  • Remote turbidity monitoring of marine dredging projects.
  • On site turbidity monitoring for desalination plants.

Technical Specifications

Product SpecificationsDescription
Diameter6.3 cm
Length12.7 cm
Weight0.4 kg
Pressure HousingAcetal copolymer
Wavelength700 nm
Sensitivity0–125: 0.02 NTU, 0–1000 NTU: 0.12 NTU
Ranges0–125, 0–1000 NTU
Digital output resolution14 bit
RS-232 output19200 baud
Analog output signal0-5 V
Current, typical50 mA
Data memory108,000 samples
Temperature Range0 to 30 deg C
Depth rating600 m