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Gasflux Continuous Gas and Flow Monitoring

Gasflux Continuous Gas and Flow Monitoring



The AmbiSense Gasflux is the world’s first continuous gas and flow monitoring device for ground-gas applications. The technology enables, real-time monitoring of landfills, brownfield sites, onshore O&G facilities and industrial sites.

Continuous monitoring is an excellent way to quickly build up an accurate representation of ground-gas behaviour on contaminated land & landfill sites, fracking and other O&G facilities and on carbon sequestration projects.

However, monitoring of concentrations alone doesn’t always give the full picture. Relying on spot flow-measurements and applying the ‘worst-case scenario’ approach often leads to sites being characterised overly conservative, adding huge costs in terms of gas protection measures.

The cloud based interface provides a continuous flow of accurate data, accessible to customers on any device. As well as using the Gasflux sensor technology, customers can also utilise the AmbiSense platform to connect with existing sensors on flares, manifolds and engines, enabling remote monitoring of any kind of device from any location.

Features & Benefits

  • Monitor both flow and concentration continuously
  • Continuous monitoring of gas and air and reporting of that data through the cloud
  • Automates the process of data capture in a cost-effective manner
  • Build datasets that are less open to interpretation
  • De-risk sites, reducing both costs and development time
  • Data available in real-time
  • Build an accurate of ground-gas behaviour almost immediately
  • Enables better risk assessment and much faster reporting ultimately speeding up project delivery
  • In locations where security is a concern, the system can be deployed in a secure container


  • Landfill & BioGas
  • Water
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Shale Gas and Oil
  • Coal Seam Mining
  • Contaminated Land
  • Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality
  • Suitable for either temporary or permanent deployment anywhere onsite

Technical Specifications

Product Specifications Description
Sampling Frequency Customisable from 1 hour to 24 hours
(depending on specification)
Standard ranges (typical accuracies, technology):
CH4: 0-100 %vol (± 2 %, NDIR)
CO2: 0-100 %vol (± 2 %, NDIR)
O2: 0-25%v/v (± 1 %, electrochemical)
H2S: 0-200ppm (± 2 %, electrochemical)
CO: 0-500ppm (± 3 %, electrochemical)
VOC (optional): 0-4000ppm (± 10 %, PID)
Gauge pressure: ± 150 mB (± 1 %, piezoelectric)
Barometric pressure: 850-1150 hPa (± 1.5 %, piezo)
Humidity: 0-99% RH non-condensing (±3.5%)
Borehole flow: -7 to +60 L/hr (± 2%, MEMS)
* Options for interfacing with external devices
Power 3 month battery life dependent on sampling frequency (rechargeable) or indefinite with solar charging
Memory Internal memory storage for 12 months non-volatile data backup (based on 6-hourly sampling, total 1600 samples)
Communications GSM/GPRS/3G for remote telemetry (spec. dependent) Radio (2.4GHz) for short-range interaction
Physical dimensions 360x220x200 mm; 2.4 kg; IP66-rated enclosure; Wall/pole mountable; installable on well/manifold/pipe etc.