Geotech GeoSorb Sock

Geotech GeoSorb Sock



The GeoSorb is designed to recover hydrocarbons from 2″ or 4″ and larger wells. The GeoSorb System consists of a stainless steel screened cage assembly and a product selective absorbent.
The system is lowered down the well where it passively absorbs free product.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for 2″ or 4″ and larger wells.
  • Designed to recover the product, not the water.
  • Absorbent sock refills available in cases of 12, or individually.
  • Heavy-duty #304 stainless steel screen assembly.
  • Teflon™ coated stainless steel hanger.
  • Ballast weight for optimal submergence.


  • 1. Insert sock into stainless steel screen assembly.
    Do not lower sock down well without screen assembly.
  • 2. Attach safety cable or cord to the hanger on the screen assembly.
  • 3. Slowly lower into the well to maximize exposure to product layer.
    In long-term applications, set unit to accommodate water level fluctuations over the full length of screened assembly.
  • 4. Retrieve screen assembly, remove used sock, dispose according to local ordinances.

Technical Specifications

Specifications 2″ GeoSorb 4″ GeoSorb
Screen Dimensions 44.5mm x 91.4cm 93.2mm x 91.4cm
Empty Weight 1.73 lbs. (.78 kg) 5.19 lbs. (2.35 kg)
Rated Absorption (.68L) per sock (2.65L) per sock
Absorbent Sock Material Polypropylene Polypropylene