Pottiputki Planters

Pottiputki Planters


A Pottiputki Planter consists of a hollow tube with a duckbill end that is driven into the ground and levered open to create a hole suitable for the seedling. The seedling is then dropped down the tube into the hole and pressed into place with foot pressure.

The red Pottiputki planting tube is renowned internationally for its simplicity in operation and robust construction. Used correctly, it will plant many thousands of plants, even under the rigours of contract planting crews.

Suitable for planting all containerised seedlings. The ergonomically correct working position allows for a quick and smooth action ensuring productive working use.

Features & Benefits

Ergonomic design: Plant without bending – ergonomically designed Pottiputki and the kidney trays allow planting without bending down and save work by making a planting hole to fit the seedling.

Pottiputki makes planting quick and easy: A practised operator can plant between 2000 and 5000 seedlings a day using a Pottiputki.

Variable sizes: Pottiputkis are available to suit a wide variety of seedling containers. The duckbill jaw can also be adjusted to suit different soil types


  • Size 5: Forestry seedlings and cuttings, flowers, vegetables, herbs.
  • Size 5.5: Forestry seedlings, especially for 81F and 63F cells.
  • Size 6: Larger plants, especially larger forestry seedlings, peppers, tomatoes.
  • Size 7.5: Large cell plants such as ecological revegetation projects, cucurbits.

Technical Specifications

Product Specification Description
Internal Diameter Total Length Weight
Pottiputki Standard Range
Size 5 49mm 930mm 2700g
Size 5.5 53mm 930mm 2800g
Size 6 61mm 930mm 3250g
Size 7.5 68mm 930mm 3450g
Pottiputki Trigger Action
Size T5 49mm 930mm TBA
Size T5.5 53mm 930mm TBA
Pottiputki Tilt Action
Size TA5 49mm 930mm TBA
Size TA5.5 53mm 930mm TBA
Pottiputki Left/Right Action
Size LR5 49mm 930mm TBA
Size LR5.5 53mm 930mm TBA